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Body Attack Diet Shake Vanilla - 440g Body Attack Diet Shake Vanilla - 440g
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Body Attack

Diet Shake Vanilla - 440g

Lose weight with a delicious meal replacement

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The Diet Shake from Body Attack for all those who want to lose weight. Diet Shake according to the requirements of the diet regulations.
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  1. Worth knowing: What is L-Carnitine?
  2. Worth knowing: What should be considered when taking Body Attack Diet Shake and how is it effective?
  3. Which products can the Body Attack Diet Shake be combined with best?
The Body Attack Diet Shake is a delicious meal replacement product that can be used as part of a weight-controlled and low-calorie diet. It was developed specifically to meet the dietary regulation (§§ 14a paragraph 2, 21a paragraphs 4 and 6 and Annex 17) to prevent a shortage of essential nutrients while dieting.

Thus, the Body Attack diet shake is particularly suitable for people who want to reduce their excess weight. The diet shake is useful even for people who have already lost weight and occasionally want to use a meal replacement for weight maintenance. Even athletes, who want to compete in a certain weight class and look for an alternative to dangerous dehydration methods and laxatives, can benefit from diet shake.

What are the nutrients provided by the Body Attack Diet Shake?

The Body Attack Diet Shake contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals as it should replace one or more meals in a day. These include proteins of high biological value, such as whey and milk proteins, which can help to maintain muscle mass during the diet. The shake also contains polysaccharides, such as corn starch (Maltodextrin) and dietary fibres (e.g. inulin, oat bran), which the body can use to stabilise blood sugar, and promote healthy digestion. The diet shake also provides essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to maintain the numerous metabolic processes, as well as L-Carnitine.
1. Worth knowing: What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine can be derived from the Latin word "Carne"which means: meat. L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like nutrient that the body can produce in small quantities endogenously from the two amino acids, lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine is mainly supplied through the intake of animal foods such as meat. We take an average of about 30 mg L-Carnitine through the daily diet. L-Carnitine is a useful supplement especially for figure-conscious people, who take only limited quantity of L-Carnitine through the low-calorie foods.

2. Worth knowing: What should be considered when taking Body Attack Diet Shake and how is it effective?

The Body Attack Diet Shake is mixed in water and is intended to replace the usual daily meals. This ensures low calorie consumption which can help to achieve weight reduction. At the beginning, it is recommended replacing one out of three meals a day (e.g. breakfast) by the shake. After a few days up to a week, also meals like lunch and dinner can be gradually replaced by other diet shakes. There should be no additional snacks, otherwise low calorie intake and weight loss cannot be achieved. It should not be taken longer than a few weeks, and it should be ideally administered by a trained dietician to return gradually to a healthy and varied diet after this intake. Thus, the yo-yo effect can be avoided. While taking the shake, one should drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, so that organs such as heart, liver and kidneys function properly. These dispose of the metabolites and the acidic fat breakdown products in the body during the weight loss phase. Moreover, water provides for better blood fluidity, with which the nutrient and oxygen transport to the body cells is secured.

3. Which products can the Body Attack Diet Shake be combined with best?
  1. With the Body Attack Mineral Booster to promote fluid uptake while using the diet shakes.
  2. In case of hunger cravings, along with the Body Attack Weight Loss to assist in weight reduction.
  3. With the Body Attack Carb Control to satisfy the craving for chocolate and sweets.