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Body Attack

LIPO 100-Powder 600g

Body Attack LIPO 100-Powder - 600g
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The beverage powder contains a wide range of plant extracts which do not dissolve completely in water. Therefore, minimal residues may remain in the shaker. However, this does not impact the effect of LIPO 100 Powder.

  • Fruity beverage powder
  • Faster effect
  • High quality plant extracts

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The bestseller LIPO 100 is now available in powder form in two flavours.

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Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

Apple KiwiSour Cherry Chili

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4250350518793 - Apple Kiwi
4250350518816 - Sour Cherry Chili



VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 600g

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The bestseller LIPO 100 is now available in powder form in two flavours. Taurine and glucuronlactone that are well-known from energy drinks were added to the new beverage powder.

Since the LIPO 100 Powder is consumed as a beverage the nutrients are provided to your body much quicker than with capsules. Also, the powder is an ideal alternative for people who are having problems swallowing capsules or who don´t like pills in general.

Who is the product suitable for?
LIPO 100 powder is the perfect match for different kinds of goals:

Worth knowing: What are the effects of the ingredients of LIPO 100 Powder?

Which products can Body Attack LIPO 100 Powder be combined best with?
  1. In an athletic weight-reduction phase, along with Body Attack Power Protein 90 to preserve muscle mass.
  2. In combination with BCAA Capsules, containing BCAA which is very popular with bodybuilders, as the muscles contain BCAA.
  3. As a part of a low-calory nutrition to support the weight regulation in combination with the Body Attack Diet Shake.