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JabuVit This delicious low-carb muesli
JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g
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Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g

This delicious low-carb muesli

  • Especially for figure-conscious people
  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Muesli for your low carb diet

(Eco-label: DE-ÖKO-009)

JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g
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Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g

Content: 500 g

The content equals a 10 day supply,
when following our recommended dosage.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

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JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g JabuVit Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g
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Bio Low Carb-Müsli - 500g

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JabuVit Low Carb Muesli was created specifically for people who pay attention to a low-carb diet and want to expand their selection of low-carb foods on the menu. The JabuVit Low Carb Muesli should be best consumed daily in the morning for breakfast or as a snack.

Moreover, JabuVit Low Carb Muesli only has vegetable fats, which should not be missing in your daily diet. These are mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are involved in the diverse metabolic processes of the body. The fats are components in the skin, where they are available as an energy source or serve as a protective barrier against external environmental influences (e.g. smoke, heat, rain, dust). The vegetable fats are also converted to hormone-like substances through several metabolic steps in the body. They are involved in many physiological processes, such as the release of semiochemicals (serotonin), thermogenesis (heat production), vasodilation and relaxation, blood fluidity, the heart and respiratory rate.

A low-carb diet may quickly lead to an imbalance in lipometabolism when too much saturated fat is supplied through meat and sausage products in the daily diet. With the JabuVit Low Carb Fruit Muesli, a balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids can be restored.

1. Worth knowing: Why are proteins so important for figure-conscious people?

JabuVit Low Carb Fruit Muesli consists of the protein-containing ingredients - soy flakes, aprikot pieces, almond pieces and wheat flakes. This gives the muesli an attractive protein content of 33 g of protein per 100 grams JabuVit Low Carb Muesli. Conventional muesli with added nuts provide only up to half of this protein content.

With what products can the JabuVit Low Carb Muesli be combined best?

In combination with the Body Attack Power Protein 90, a multi-component protein to preserve muscles.
With the Body Attack Low Carb bread, which can also contribute to a systematic reduction of carbohydrates in the low-carb diet.
Together with the Body Attack Weight Loss, which contains a gelatinous substance of vegetable origin (glucomannane), which regulates the appetite in the low-carb diet.


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