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Body Attack
LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer* LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*
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Body Attack

LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*

  • For a greater increase in power
  • Extreme highly dosed (Maxi Caps)
  • For maximum shredded look

LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer* LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*
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LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*

Content: LIPO 100 HARDCORE 60 Caps + 10 x ATP TOR 2 Caps

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

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Lipo 100 Hardcore

LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer* LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*
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LIPO 100 HARDCORE - 60 Caps + 10 ATP TOR samples for free - 2 Caps *special offer*

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1. Body Attack LIPO 100 HARDCORE - extremely high dose Fat Burner

Body Attack has just released a HARDCORE Version of the popular fat burner LIPO 100 for everyone who wants to define muscles up to a maximum. It contains a new even harder fat burner complex that consists of plant extracts which include L-theobromine, Rhodiola Rosea and cacao beans.

Product highlights:

  • Extreme highly dosed
  • Maximum shredded look
  • ideal for profis
  • With natural ingredients

Who is the product suitable for?

LIPO 100 HARDCORE is the perfect companion for a wide range of goals: For people who want to lose a few pounds quickly for a sculpted beach body or for trained athletes who just want to define their muscles even more, e.g. bodybuilders.

Worth knowing: What are the effects of the ingredients of LIPO 100 HARDCORE?

Characteristic for Body Attack LIPO 100 HARDCORE is the extremely high dose and the most innovative ingredients to support your fat burner training.

  • Bioactive substances: It is said that resveratol, quercetin and polyphenols that are known as secondary plant compounds have similar properties of those of vitamins. Thus, it is recommended to consume more fruits and vegetables that are rich in secondary plant compounds.
  • Zinc and choline: assist a normal fat and energy metabolism. Therefore, they are a worthwhile supplement during a calory-reduced diet or intense training. In the body choline is involved in the catabolism of fat. LIPO 100 HARDCORE contains the patented Vitacholine® which is the high-quality form of choline. Zinc ensures that a normal level of testosterone is maintained in the blood
  • Caffeine: per daily serving (3 capsules) LIPO 100 HARDCORE contains 200 mg caffeine amongst others from green coffee bean extract. Thus, LIPO 100 HARDCORE helps mainly because of the two B vitamins biotin and niacin delaying fatigue caused by a strenuous workout. This means that a scheduled training session is easier to handle so that goals can be achieved more quickly.
  • B vitamins: Niacin and biotin contribute to a normal energy metabolism, which means they take part in energy storage as well as in energy conversion. In energy metabolism, macro nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates are converted into muscle energy. The two vitamins also contribute to a reduction in fatigue, especially during a weight-loss phase.
  • Chili and pepper: LIPO 100 HARDCORE contains pepper and chili extract.
  • L-tyrosine and iodine: L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is needed in the protein metabolism to build up different body proteins. For this the body needs the trace element iodine which is important for a normal thyroid function and the synthesis of hormones. The thyroid is involved in many metabolic processes, such as protein synthesis, fat metabolism and thermogenesis.
  • L-carnitine is a vitamin-like nutrient which occurs in energy and fat metabolism. LIPO 100 HARDCORE contains Carnipure™, which is known to be the most valuable L-carnitine on the market.

2. Body Attack ATP TOR - for increased strength gains

ATP TOR® from Body Attack uses a patented, clinically validated formula which has been especially developed for athletes who are seeking to achieve an increase in power. Body Attack ATP TOR® supplies adenosine 5-triphosphate, which is a special form of adenosine triphosphate, also called in short ATP.

ATP TOR® is obtained from the energy carriers (carbohydrates, proteins, fats and creatine) and is available to the body as its so-called energy currency. ATP can only be stored to a limited extent in the muscular system. If insufficient ATP is available to the body, no intensive physical charges from the body are possible. Accordingly ATP must be produced constantly from the energy carriers or fed in externally.

ATP TOR® Trainingsplan

With Body Attack ATP TOR® ATP can be made available to the body for a short time, for example for an intensive workout. Body Attack ATP TOR® contains the patented formula, PEAK ATP®, which can be absorbed particularly well by the body and can increase the ATP level and indirectly support and production of ATP in the muscle cells.

ATP TOR® – More power and tempo in speed strength training

ATP TOR® indirectly supports the production of ATP in the muscle cells. According to scientific studies ATP regulates the influx of calcium and glucose. These two nutrients activate anabolic signals in the muscle cells, which in turn stimulate the production of ATP in the muscle energy metabolism, thereby causing the muscles to obtain more fuel and thus more energy and power for the workout.

The impact of taking ATP for the development of power has been investigated as part of a study*. The scientists were able to determine the following results: the group which had taken the ATP was able to experience an increase in power of 55.3 kg, the placebo group, in contrast, only 22.4 kg. Consequently an increase in power for those athletes, who during the study took a daily dose of 400 mg of ATP, could be observed.


Body Attack LIPO 100-HARDCORE - 60 Caps
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