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Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps

The Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine acid 12000 contains the so-called BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and the amino acid L-Glutamine. Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps
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Body Attack

BCAA + Glutamine 12000 180 Caps

  • Combination product
  • 6.000 mg BCAA per serving
  • 6.000 mg L-Glutamic acid per serving

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The Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine acid 12000 contains the so-called BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and the amino acid L-Glutamine.

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Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 180 Caps

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 18 day(s).

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Body Attack BCAA and glutamine acid capsules for optimum growth of dry muscle mass and for an accelerated repair and healing phase of the muscle cells.
Body Attack BCAA and glutamine acid capsules contain 6,000 mg BCAAs and 6,000 mg highly effective glutamine acid per portion.
BCCA is the abbreviation for branched chain amino acids. 35 % of the muscle tissue is made up of BCAAs. These are composed of the three amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine and belong to the group of essential amino acids.

The body is not able to produce these by itself. They are the only amino acids which are not metabolised in the liver, instead reaching the muscles directly.

For this reason, they are accessible very quickly and are used for muscle build-up, muscle protection and energy production. These essential amino acids give an enormous boost of energy and improve endurance performance.
BCCAAs can reduce the absorption of tryptophan and delay serotonin production and muscle fatigue. Endurance performance can also be increased as leucine can provide the brain with glucose.

This allows valuable glycogen stores to be spared and blood sugar remains constant during exercise. This promotes mental strength during training.
BCAAs (principally leucine) stimulates the secretion of insulin whereby important nutrients such as glucose and amino acids are able to enter the cells more quickly. This promotes the energy-protein synthesis for muscle growth. Since nutrient stores are full, greater progress can be made in strength training and muscle building since increased amounts of creatinine and ATP can be formed.

Furthermore, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which can reduce valuable amino acids during high levels of stress, can also be blocked by Body Attack BCAAs. The muscles are provided with sufficient energy through Body Attack BCCAA + Glutamine acid Capsules and protected from any loss.

Body Attack Glutamine acid is also one of the major amino acids as it is particularly able to accelerate the repair and healing processes. As a result, muscle build-up is improved. In addition, the BCAA concentration within the muscle can be protected by the additional intake of glutamine acid.

Glutamine acid also has a cell-volume expanding effect in that it is able to bring more H2O into the muscle cells. This triggers a muscle stimulation and muscle cells are induced to grow.

Glutamine acid from Body Attack is also involved in the formation of immune substances and protects the body against pathogens. This strengthens the immune system, which is particularly stressed in athletes, and at the same time prevents training breaks from being too long. It also ensures rapid healing of damaged muscle fibres.

Tip: L-Glutamine acid is most effective when taken together with Body Attack Creatine following training.

Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine acid 12000 contains the 3 branched chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. The body cannot synthesise these amino acids endogenously, but it requires them for the ongoing restorative and synthesis processes of the body and muscle proteins.

Athletes in particular are interested in this supplement, as the essential amino acids are involved in the build-up of muscle mass and can secure the endogenous muscle substance.

The glutamine acid contained plays a key role in protein metabolism and in acid-base balance. This is because it is partly responsible for the breakdown of metabolites (e.g. ammonia, ketones). Besides vitamins and minerals, the kidneys also need the amino acids L-Glutamine acid to neutralise the metabolite ammonia of the protein metabolism and excrete it through the kidneys as urea. L-Glutamine acid is also an important energy source for the intestinal mucosa cells, which are responsible for the transport processes of nutrients and for the decomposition of urea.

Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine acid 12000 delivers 6,000 mg BCAA and 6,000 mg L-Glutamine acid per serving (10 capsules).
Worth knowing:
What are the other effects of BCAA in the body?

The BCAA are also involved in the biochemical processes of the neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. BCAAs also play a central role in a low-carb diet as they are also involved in the energy metabolism, where they are converted along with other energy sources (e.g. fats) into glucose.

This allows the sugar-dependent organs such as red blood cells, neurons and the renal medulla to perform their tasks and to maintain vital functions of the body, in particular, in case of lack of energy. These include blood sugar stability, the acid-base balance as well as the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

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