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Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps

For your muscles: BCAA + L-Glutamine 12000 from Body Attack provides you with powerful amino acids in one product. Optimal for your muscle growth. Body Attack BCAA + Glutamine 12000 - 180 Caps
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Body Attack

BCAA + Glutamine 12000 180 Caps

  • 6g BCAA per serving
  • 6g L-glutamic acid per portion
  • Maxi Capsules with vitamin B6

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Product information

Here you get glowing muscle gains! When it comes to top athletic performance, itüs all about the right protein supply for your muscles. This nutrient combination gives you just the right boost: BCAA + L-Glutamine 12000. These (semi-)essential amino acids are the building blocks for your muscle cells to get to work on their growth and maintenance. Extra high-dose maxi capsules with additional vitamin B6 show your protein supply where to go - straight to your muscles!


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