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My Supps 100% Beta Alanine - 300g My Supps

1x My Supps 100% Beta Alanine - 300g

Beta Alanine by My Supps is an amino acid that is 100 % pure and is particularly popular among athletes whose physical exertion is especially high. My Supps 100% Beta Alanine - 300g
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My Supps

100% Beta Alanine 300g

  • 100 % pure Beta Alanine
  • Additive-free
  • Ideal for strength & competitive athletes

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Beta Alanine by My Supps is an amino acid that is 100 % pure and is particularly popular among athletes whose physical exertion is especially high.

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My Supps 100% Beta Alanine - 300g

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Carnosine, produced after intake of Beta Alanine, can help balance the Carnosine reserves and postpone acidification of the muscles. It is therefore particularly suited to athletes wishing to prevent premature muscle fatigue.

100% Beta Alanine by My Supps is a non-essential amino acid of natural prevalence which bonds with the amino acid Histidine upon entering the body. In general, Histidine is always present in the body, provided nutrition remains rich in protein, e.g. by consuming sufficient food stuffs such as chicken, soy beans and tuna.

Carnosine is produced in the body from the bonding between the added amino acid Beta Alanine and the endogenous amino acid Histidine.

Carnosine has the task of buffering and neutralising hydrogen ions. This buffering means that the pH value in the muscles does not sink, hence preventing any acidification and premature muscle fatigue.

Lactic acid is produced in large quantities, especially during brief, intense training such as weight training.

100 % Beta Alanine by My Supps is also ideal for people wishing to maintain a carbohydrate-rich nutrition while eating only small amounts of white meat.

Worth knowing: What is Carnosine?

Carnosine is found primarily in the white muscle fibres, where it joins with magnesium and calcium in normal regulation of the pH value.

Athletes with short, intense bursts of strength exertion especially have higher Carnosine reserves due to the anaerobic metabolism.

Exertion during anaerobic training means that the body gets out of breath, hence producing an oxygen deficit. Although carbohydrates are burned mainly in this metabolic situation, it does lead to an accumulation of lactic acids.

Lactic acid slows down the flow of energy and forces the muscles to prematurely discontinue strength exertion.

Carnosine and the mineral play an important role in maintaining the pH value of the muscles, primarily by neutralising the accumulated acids. This stabilises the pH value at 7 and hence preserves ongoing production of energy in the muscles.

This means: The muscles will be in a position to produce greater quantities of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from creatine phosphate (KP) during short and intense training exertion.

ATP is the direct muscle fuel while training; it can be produced from fats, carbohydrates and also proteins. During explosive power training or weight lifting, the main sources of energy are carbohydrates and creatine, as they are able to supply the largest quantities of energy in the shortest time.

Given that anaerobic metabolism goes hand in hand with oxygen deficiency and the production of lactic acid, the body is forced to use Carnosine and the minerals in order to safeguard the flow of energy. After all, ATP deficiency would endanger the survival of muscle cells.

This is why the body produces Carnosine in the fluid spaces where more acids are produced during metabolic processes.

Carnosine, magnesium and calcium ensure that normal energy metabolism can continue in the musculature. The two minerals also contribute to normal protein synthesis and regular muscle functions. This is why it is recommended to complement My Supps 100% Beta Alanine by taking BODY ATTACK Magnesium + Calcium.

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  1. With My Supps Creatine Ethyl Ester Malat, which can enhance physical performance during brief and intense explosive power training
  2. With My Supps 100% Dextrose, a pure dextrose concentrate to replenish energy reservoirs after intense training
  3. With My Supps L-Arginine, an endogenous amino acid that fulfils a key function in the protein metabolism and in the production of creatine