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Body Attack A-Window System - 1200g Body Attack

1x Body Attack A-Window System - 1200g

Body Attack A-Window System is the ideal post-workout shake that provides the body with important nutrients after your workout.. Body Attack A-Window System - 1200g
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Body Attack

A-Window System 1200g

Body Attack A-Window System - 1200g
  • Post-Workout Shake
  • Ideal for after working out
  • Promotes muscle growth

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Made in Germany

Body Attack A-Window System is the ideal post-workout shake that provides the body with important nutrients after your workout..

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Packing size: 1200g

Content is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 16 day(s).

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A-Window System from Body Attack is the innovative post-workout shake which provides your muscles with important nutrients following an intensive training session, and supports muscle development.

Good to know: importance of the a-window
A hard, intensive training session does not only result in the exhaustion of the energy storage (glycogen), but also in high stress upon the muscle and connective tissue (cartilages, bones). In order to restore your body’s performance level for the next training session sufficient energy in the form of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals should be supplied at an early stage. Consequently it is important that athletes pay attention to an appropriate, healthy and balanced diet. However, since most athletes feel no appetite after exercising, or also have no time to cook themselves some food, the post-workout shake, A-Window System from Body Attack, can be a worthwhile supplement.

What is the a-window??
For the first two hours following sporting activities the body and muscles need sufficient nutrients so that the a-metabolism mode can run perfectly. People also refer to the a-window, and accordingly about the increasing a- metabolic process, which is in particular considerably enhanced following the training session.

What happens in the a-window system?A-Window System from Body Attack has been developed exactly for this a-window. Not only carbohydrates and high quality proteins (CFM, optipep) are put into the post-workout shake, but also L-glutamine and BCAA which form an important part of muscle proteins. In order to support muscle development after the intensive training session, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 are additionally needed. They are involved in the normal protein formation in the body and the muscles. Vitamin B6 and zinc are then again needed for the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. That means that they are involved in the processes for building up muscle proteins and glycogen storage following the training session.

A-Window System provides the following nutrients per shake (75 g):

Proteins and amino acids
The highly concentrated CFM whey protein isolate has been used for A-Window. This is produced by means of cross flow microfiltration (CFM) and accordingly is very pure and of high quality. In addition enzymatic hydrolysed whey protein hydrolysate, which is known to many consumers under the popular brand name Optipep®, forms part of the post-workout shake.

Optipep® is a new line of innovative whey protein hydrolysate for sports nutrition which guarantees faster absorption and a first class supply of protein. Due to its gentle production process Optipep® offers an excellent amino acid profile and a low lactose value. The hydrolised whey protein is 100% natural and meets the Kosher quality certification requirements.

Along with BCAA and L-glutamine, A-Window contains the L-ornithine amino acids which are essential for the transformation process in protein metabolism. Immediately following intensive stress upon the muscles, degradation products are formed in the muscle structure which are subsequently converted and disposed of in the protein metabolism.

6 important B-vitamins
Altogether 6 important B vitamins are included. These are provided for the normal energy metabolism following an intensive training session. They ensure that nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates are converted into nutrients or energy substrate, and are incorporated into the respective organ (e.g. muscles, liver, bones). The energy system needs the B vitamins in particular for the replenishment of the carbohydrate and creatine storage, as they ensure that everything runs smoothly in the a-metabolic processes in the body and the muscles following an intensive training session. Vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and zinc contribute to the regulation of the hormone activity, to the maintenance of the normal testosterone level, and to the normal metabolism of the steroid hormones. As the muscle development is also influenced by the hormones, during a strenuous training period an adequate supply of the aforementioned micronutrients must also be ensured in the daily diet.

Glucosamine sulphate
It also contains glucosamine sulphate, an amino sugar which can also be found in cartilage tissue. Where the cartilages and the preservation of bones is concerned, athletes also need to ensure a sufficient protein intake. Vitamin C is important for the normal formation of collagen and for normal cartilage formation. Athletes with high stress placed upon the joints and the cartilages should ensure an adequate intake of vitamin C in their daily diet. As the water-soluble vitamin C is insufficient within a one-sided and low-calorie diet, A-Window System post-workout shake can be a helpful supplement.

Apart from vitamin C the shake also provides vitamins E and B2 which both act as antioxidants. That means that they protect our bodies from the oxidative stress which is generated by the high degree of athletic pressure and by the increased formation of free oxygen radicals. An increased formation of oxidative stress can impair the immune system and physical fitness. Especially with little rest and with an unbalanced diet with a deficiency of vitamins C, E and B2. Accordingly the athlete should ensure adequate rest periods and an adequate intake of antioxidants in his daily diet. A-Window System thus serves the antioxidant defence system whereby the athlete maintains his level of performance and can delay the effects of fatigue.

The post-workout shake further provides a further 5 minerals (salt, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous), which are partly lost due to perspiration during the training session. These mainly include natrium chloride (salt), magnesium and zinc, which will, however, be needed once more for the normal energy, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. But during the training session there is also a shift in the acid-base balance and the electrolyte (minerals). Consequently zinc and magnesium are ideal following intense physical effort, as they contribute to the normal acid-base balance and to the electrolyte balance. But magnesium and potassium also help the heavily stressed muscles and contribute to the normal muscle functions.

This product provides in addition creatine from Creapure® which allows for effective training. That means that the muscles can better cope with the intensive elasticity training. A-Window System from Body Attack contains the patented product, Creapure®, which is manufactured in Germany and is well-known throughout the world as the purest and highest quality creatine.

For whom is A-Window System suited?

With which products can A-Window System ideally be combined?
  1. Body Attack Arginine SHOCK during the strenuous training period
  2. Body Attack Essential Amino 5700 in order to supply the protein metabolism with all the essential amino acids
  3. Body Attack Carbo Loader in order to load the muscles with enough carbohydrates for the next training session
  4. Body Attack BETATOR for supporting the increased stress metabolism during the muscle building phase