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Body Attack L-ARGININE 6000 - 120 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack L-ARGININE 6000 - 120 Caps

High-dose L-Body Attack Arginine 6000 capsules are the ideal companion for your power workout. Body Attack L-ARGININE 6000 - 120 Caps
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Body Attack

L-ARGININE 6000 120 Caps

Body Attack L-ARGININE 6000 - 120 Caps
  • 6000 mg L-Arginine HCL per daily serving
  • Ideal for strength athletes
  • For hardcore workouts

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Made in Germany

High-dose L-Body Attack Arginine 6000 capsules are the ideal companion for your power workout.

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Body Attack L-ARGININE 6000 - 120 Caps

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Packing size: 120 Caps

Content is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 30 day(s).

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DHigh-dose L-Arginine 6000 capsules are the ideal companion for your power workout. They contain the L-Arginine form with hydrochloride (HCL), especially popular among athletes.

Product highlights:
1,500 mg L-Arginine hydrochloride per MAXI CAP

The amino acid arginine is involved in protein and urea metabolism. This is when proteins are constantly being broken down, converted and built-up. Since athletes have an increased metabolism during intensive training phases, L-Arginine can be an appropriate nutritional supplement to a protein-rich diet. According to textbooks, L-Arginine plays a role in a variety of metabolic processes such as in creatine synthesis in the liver or even in the formation of nitrogen oxides.

For whom is L-Arginine 6000 suitable:
L-Arginine products are highly popular with bodybuilders, strength and endurance athletes during intensive training periods. This product is also ideal for the figure-conscious with increased fat and protein metabolism (urea synthesis) during a strict low-carb, low-fat or ketogenic diet.

L-Arginine is also often used as an ingredient in boosters, especially in combination with caffeine, creatine and B vitamins. Training boosters are very popular with fitness athletes as they improve dynamic strength and the ability to concentrate. However, a minimum of 3 g creatine should be consumed daily to achieve this. Training effectiveness can be boosted by means of the above-mentioned ingredients. As a result, the exercises can be carried out in a more concentrated and more controlled manner and you will feel a good muscle pump.

Which products can Body Attack Arginine 6000 be combined with best?
  1. Body Attack LIPO 100 HARDCORE before training in order to improve endurance levels during the fat-burner phase.
  2. Body Attack Endurance Booster, in order to improve dynamic strength (pace) in endurance sports.
  3. Body Attack BCAA Capsules before and after training to ensure protein supply to the muscles.
  4. Body Attack Energy Kick for the definition phase and the increased amount of exercise with the aim of boosting lipometabolism.
  5. Body Attack Zinc Pro for normal lipometabolism as part of fat-burner training and a diet phase.