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Body Attack Carnosyn - 120 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack Carnosyn - 120 Caps

CarnoSyn® is a patented brand name for the purest and highest quality of beta-alanine. CarnoSyn® is a single agent known to strength athletes around the world. Body Attack Carnosyn - 120 Caps
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Body Attack

Carnosyn 120 Caps

Body Attack Carnosyn - 120 Caps
  • 4.800 mg CarnoSyn per daily serving
  • Original CarnoSyn from America
  • Delivers high-quality beta-alanine

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Made in Germany

CarnoSyn® is a patented brand name for the purest and highest quality of beta-alanine. CarnoSyn® is a single agent known to strength athletes around the world.

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Body Attack Carnosyn - 120 Caps

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Packing size: 120 Caps

Content is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 30 day(s).

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Training hard and giving your body new challenges every day demands only the highest quality products. Body Attack CARNOSYN, specially developed for ambitious athletes, is just such a dietary supplement.

CarnoSyn®, the patented amino acid beta alanine, is considered the highest-quality amino acid you can use as a dietary supplement and sports nutrition in America. In the body, beta alanine converts into carnosine and is predominantly found in white muscle fibres. These are responsible for muscle volume and also for explosive movements.


One capsule provides 1,200 mg high-quality beta alanine and is suitable for use for any occasion. The composition of MaxiCaps by Body Attack means they are able to deliver more active ingredient than conventional capsules and yet fit into any gym bag or pill box. Making it more convenient to maintain daily intake over several weeks.

The well-known effect of beta alanine only unfolds if muscles are supplied with the amino acid on a daily basis. Then, after a few weeks, levels of carnosine in the muscle increase. The latest scientific research indicates the primary task of carnosine is to soak up the acid hydrogen ions that occur in the muscles. This can delay tiredness and fatigue helping to support personal training goals.

CARNOSYN by Body Attack is of particular benefit to powerlifters and bodybuilders during build-up and diet phases (contest preparation). But even endurance athleteswith interval-type loads (e.g. sprinters, rowers, swimmers, triathletes, etc.) and sports athletes requiring bursts of speed or final spurts (e.g., handball players, football players, hockey players, etc.) can supplement with the product. This is because studies have documented the performance-enhancing characteristics of beta alanine during short and intense muscle workouts.*

In any case, additional intake of beta alanine increases levels of carnosine in the muscles, which in turn increases the muscle´s buffering capacity.**

How does beta alanine work in the body exactly?

Beta alanine combines with histidine in the muscle cells and is converted into the muscle buffer carnosine. Taking supplements of beta alanine over a four to ten week period increases levels of carnosine. Carnosine in the muscle acts as an acid buffer. This can help maintain energy flow in muscles being exercised or worked.

Studies have observed a reduction in fatigue and simultaneous improvement in muscle performance.* So, for athletes wanting to start strength training or strength-based sports, beta alanine is a beneficial dietary supplement. This is because beginners have limited amounts of the thick muscle fibres showing high concentrations of carnosine. But beta alanine can also be used by advanced athletes for their regular training workouts as it helps minimise fatigue during the intense training sessions.

By taking beta alanine, people who eat little or no meat and fish can increase their levels of carnosine as meat is usually a good source of beta alanine. Since it is one of the limiting amino acids, muscle is dependent on supplies of beta alanine. This means it does not have sufficient quantities available to form carnosine.

Owing to load and muscle development, strength endurance athletes have lower storage levels of carnosine in contrast to power lifters and bodybuilders. However, since their daily diet incorporates increased amounts of carbohydrates, it contains less meat, consequently, they have less beta alanine and histidine at their disposal. Which is why, in order to support their type of interval and intensive training, strength-endurance athletes can also supplement their daily diet with beta alanine.

Which products can the Body Attack CARNOSYN be combined with best?

** The European Food Safety Authority EFSA has not been able to confirm this so far, whereby the study on beta alanine speaks for itself. Therefore, we are drawing on the existing studies naming beta alanine as a positive and safe dietary supplement for athletes with dynamic strength training.

*Studies on beta alanine:

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Ingredients: Beta alanine (CarnoSyn®) (88%), Capsule shell (Gelatin (Beef)).

Directions: Take 2 capsules each with plenty of liquid (150 ml) with your breakfast and evening meal. On training days, take 4 capsules with 300 ml of liquid preferably 45-60 minutes before you exercise. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Tip: CarnoSyn®is also suitable to take with Body Attack Muscle Creatine, which increases physical performance in dynamic strength training during short and intense loads1.

1Attention: Creatine increases physical performance in explosive strength training as part of a short-term intense exercise. To achieve a positive effect 3 g of Creatine should be consumed per day.

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