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Clarinol CLA 3200 90 Softgel Caps

Body Attack Clarinol CLA 3200 - 90 Softgel Caps
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • 800 mg CLA per capsule
  • Quality seal CLARINOL

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Product information

CLA stands for "Conjugated linoleic acid". CLA is also referred to as unsaturated fatty acid. It is extracted from the plant material of the safflower and is one of the omega-6 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce by itself. Therefore, the body relies on its intake through the daily diet. In case of a very low-fat diet or one-sided fat uptake, deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids may develop. Therefore, the Body Attack Clarinol CLA is suitable for people, who have been on a low-fat diet for a long time, or for athletes on a very low-fat diet. The supplement can help maintain the natural and healthy balance of the fat metabolism. One capsule provides 800 mg of CLA, and vitamin E as an antioxidant for a longer shelf life. The softgel capsules should be taken with a large glass of water (about 300 ml) just before or during the meals. The Body Attack Product Clarinol CLA consists to 80 percent of conjugated linoleic acid. It bears the quality seal CLARINOL, which shows that the capsules contain the highest concentration of fatty acids with high biological value.


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