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Body Attack

Detox FEM 60 Caps

Body Attack Detox FEM - 60 Caps
  • Vitality and beauty formula
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Protects you from oxidative stress

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Made in Germany
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Body Attack DETOX FEM has been specially developed for women with a strong focus on health, wellness, beauty and well-being.

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Body Attack Detox FEM - 60 Caps

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Body Attack DETOX FEM has been specially developed for women with a strong focus on health, wellness, beauty and well-being. Body Attack DETOX FEM supplies your body with 25 nutrients which are ideally suited to complement an alkaline diet and clean eating.

All advantages of DETOX FEM at a glance

Nutrition experts and non-medical practitioners recommend a purely vegetable and alkaline diet, as this has a reduced acid-forming effect and therefore maintains the acid-base balance in the body. DETOX FEM by Body Attack for instance supplies the body with zinc which promotes a normal acid-base balance. The acid-base balance is however not only influenced by malnutrition or diets, but also caused by mental and physical stress. This leads to the increased generation of free oxygen radicals which can in turn trigger oxidative stress in the metabolism and the cells. Nutrients like vitamin B2, selenium and zinc, to list just a few, help protect our cells from stress. This means that DETOX FEM by Body Attack can reduce oxidative stress and thus establish a normal acid-base balance; which in turn also triggers your well-being, as the micro-nutrients, like niacin and biotin also help reduce fatigue. So if you treat your body to a sufficient supply of these micro-nutrients, you will soon feel more energetic and reach a higher performance level.

In addition, DETOX FEM by Body Attack also contains further essential nutrients such as the sulphur-containing amino acids, flaxseed powder with omega-3 fatty acids, aloe vera powder, AFA algae, nettle leave power, quercetin, bromelain, coenzyme 10 up to the essential B vitamins which are all very important for women. The comprehensive nutrient complex has been specially designed for women who attach great value to well-tended and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Therefore, DETOX FEM by Body Attack also includes micro-nutrients like selenium, zinc, niacin, biotin and riboflavin which help maintain the skin, hair and nails.

In particular women, who often attempt to loose weight with unbalanced diets combined with lots of sports, may suffer from a deficiency of these micro-nutrients. This may throw the normal function of the immune system, heart and metabolism out of balance. Body Attack DETOX FEM can act as a useful supplement if you want to adjust to a more healthy and balanced diet.

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