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Body Attack

Pre-Workout Booster FEM 375g

Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM - 375g
  • Energising formula
  • With CREAZ
  • Fresh lemon flavour

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Body Workout Pre-Workout Booster FEM is the ultimate booster which has been developed specially for the requirements of women.

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Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM - 375g

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 375g

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 15 day(s).

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Perfect body formula for a firm and sculptured body

Body Workout Pre-Workout Booster FEM is the ultimate booster which has been developed specially for the requirements of women in order to optimally support training programs for a sculptured body. To streamline your body and develop muscles in the right places, while at the same time reducing your body fat percentage, a mix of strength and endurance training combined with a healthy diet and dietary supplements is the way to achieve your goals.

CREAZ - Pure creatine for more power during training

CREAZ supplies the muscles with more energy during training. This is achieved by taking in 3 g of creatine a day. As the creatine intake you get from your diet is not always sufficient, which is often the case if you eat only small amounts of meat and fish, this may mean that you reach your performance limit faster during the fat loss training phase. Body Attack therefore recommends to take CREAZ also on non-training days in order to achieve bigger successes during training. CREAZ contains pure creatine, e.g. it is not bound to HCL or monohydrate. The advantage of Body Attack CREAZ is that your body will store less water and you will therefore not experience any undesired weight gain.

Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM gives athletes more power during training without producing muscle bulks. It is an ideally concerted fat loss training program which develops muscles and tightens the tissue.

Booster formula for optimal body shaping
Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM not only gives you more power during training but also supplies your body with all the essential nutrients during the fat loss training phase supplementing your daily diet. In the attempt to lose fat and tighten the muscles, it is often the case that diets with an insufficient calorie intake are held, causing deficiencies of the most important nutrients. An insufficient intake of proteins or amino acids (l-glutamine, l-arginine, l-taurine) can slow down the protein metabolism, whereby the body also needs vitamins like B6, zinc and magnesium. These are involved in the conversion of the dietary proteins.

It is therefore not sufficient to rely on a high protein intake, because the overall diet and a sufficient supply of the essential vitamins and minerals are also important. A toned butt needs a good training program and sufficient proteins to make the muscles in your butt firmer and tighter. Sufficient vitamin B 6, zinc and magnesium will enable the protein in your diet to be well absorbed. Often a sufficient intake of protein is relied on to get a firmer and tauter skin. But is is not considered that the body also needs vitamins like B2, C, niacin, biotin, iodine, manganese and zinc for a normal skin as well as forming connective tissue. A deficiency of these nutrients impedes the aim of a toned and perfectly defined body.

Antioxidants - your protection from oxidative stress

Furthermore an exhausting fat loss workout over several hours a week may lead to oxidative stress which is known to cause premature exhaustion and extended recovery phases. The Pre-Workout Booster FEM by Body Attack supplies your body with the most important antioxidants such as vitamins B2, C, E, zinc, selenium and manganese which protect the body and muscle cells from oxidative stress.

Minerals and vitamins for reduced exhaustion
The Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM also supplies iron, folate, magnesium, niacin and panthothenic acid which can contribute to reduced fatigue and exhaustion during fat loss workouts or training phases. Potassium and magnesium on the other hand ensure a normal function of muscle movement so you can master your extensive and heavy training programs with full vitality and power.

The perfect formula for your training goals
But this is not all the Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM has to offer: it also contains iodine, panthothenic acid, vitamin B6 and zinc which are required for a normal hormone production such as thyroid hormones and steroid hormones. Like vitamins, hormones have a great influence on your energy and fat metabolism. This is why you should always pay attention to a sufficient supply during the fat loss training phase. Zinc, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C are also a big issue in sports, as they are sweat out by the skin. In the long run, a low supply within the scope of your daily diet may affect your training by triggering mental and muscle fatigue. The Body Attack Pre-Workout Booster FEM is designed to prevent this and help you master your fat loss training program better so that you can achieve your training goals like a six-pack, toned butt, firm, slender waistline and a V-shaped back or toned upper arms and legs as soon as possible.