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Body Attack Zinc-Chelat - 180 Capsules Body Attack

1x Body Attack Zinc-Chelat - 180 Capsules

Body Attack Zinc-Chelat - 180 Capsules
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Body Attack

Zinc-Chelat 180 Capsules

Body Attack Zinc-Chelat - 180 Capsules

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Packing size: 180 Capsules

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Body Attack Zink Chelat is the most effective form of zinc.

Body Attack Amino acid-Zinc chelat is the form of zinc which the body can absorb more easily than any other. The product also contains retarded (delayed) vitamin C. Produced to highest German quality standards!

The body?s own immune system can be affected by many outside factors (e.g. stress, physical strain) A strong immune system is especially important for staying healthy. A sufficient supply of zinc is especially important.

Amino acid -Zincchelat is an optimal source of zinc for the body! The high bioavailability of zincchelat means that the zinc can be better absorbed even before it is broken down in the stomach.

The type of zinc is important here! This kind of zincchelat has a very high level of usage which most forms of zinc cannot match!

Zinc can act like a natural flavour blocker and can thus prevent the transformation of testosterone into oestrogen.
Zinc can cause skin impurities to improve significantly after only a few days of taking. The skin can become drier and not so greasy.

Important: when we say 25mg zinc, we really mean 25mg zinc. This means a higher amino acid-zinc-chelat proportion in the product, which results in 25mg zinc chelat. Other products on the market may contain less zinc than their appearance may at first suggest!

25 mg Zinc corresponds to 166 % of the recommended daily amount. For body-builders and weightlifters 25mg in connection with the retarded vitamin C (60mg = 100% of the RDA) is optimal!

Directions: one capsule daily.

Ingredients: bulking agent microcrystalline cellulose, zinc-amino acid-chelat (20%), gelatine (capsule casing), L-ascorbic acid, colouring titan oxide (capsule casing).