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Creation of the brand Body Attack Sports Nutrition

Creation of the brand BODY ATTACK

Welcome back! Or welcome the first time you browse through the little anecdotes of our history. Then let´s have a look ...

The last time we told you how Jan came to sports in 1990. So we already answered the basic question "hen or egg" sufficiently. Another eight years were to pass before the BODY ATTACK brand was born.

Die drei ersten BODY ATTACK Produkte Since for Jan the way into the "Muckibude” (gym) and the use of supplements belonged meanwhile to the normal everyday life, he found out fast where mentioned supplements had their limits. Mini submarine-sized capsules did not necessarily promote the benevolence of a natural swallowing impulse and, when ingested, caused you to break out in a cold sweat first thing in the morning. The situation was similar with some powders and proteins: taste-wise they were rather an insult and caused undesirable side effects, which unintentionally banished you to the toilet. Others, on the other hand, distinguished themselves as true constipation experts and you had to carry your load for days. All in all no rosy future prospects and not at all satisfactory for our chemistry student.

Jan, who had entered the nutrition supplement business himself in 1994 and sold his first products from the car boot and garage, asked himself the following questions: Why should protein shakes or weight gainers taste like flour and gooey mush? Why do the capsules have to be so large that they are more like suppositories? And why on earth should anyone just accept these side effects?

These questions quickly led to the decision to take the whole thing into his own hands. Familiar with the subject matter, with the knowledge of chemistry and biology from his studies, he searched for manufacturers who could put his ideas into practice. He spent nights working on recipes, trying out unconventional ways ... and was at the end of this journey in 1998: The first three products were ready, the manufacturer was commissioned, everything took its course!


erstes BODY ATTACK LogoAll of it? Of course not. Chemistry, formulas, mixtures, ... are one thing, but the child lacked the right name. And: A logo had to be created, too!

The naming was one of those things. It had to be short, concise and suitable. Supplying the body with supplements, replenishing reserves, becoming stronger, attacking problem zones and eliminating them were only a few thoughts that revolved around this project. In addition, the scene was very American at the time - Jan naturally wanted to consider this important fact. Short and sweet: Again long nights brooding, finding excellent names, writing them down, looking at them, discarding them and starting all over again. At some point it was clear: Body belongs in - after all, itis all about this one! The next step then caused less headaches. The body should be changed, improved, problem zones or deficits attacked. BODY ATTACK was born!

With the logo, as so often in life, chance played the main role. While leafing through stacks of magazines, Jan more or less stumbled across an advertisement that literally implanted the decisive impulse into his brain. A muscular Adonis rose from the sea tide. Sea spray, glistening sunlight chiseled every single muscle into the picture. Wow! That should be it: The silhouette of a bodybuilder who supplies his body with proteins and supplements. An experienced graphic artist was quickly found, who put the idea onto paper and finally onto the first tubs. The rest is history.