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Energy Cake Haferriegel - 125g Energy Cake GmbH

1x Energy Cake Haferriegel - 125g

The Energy Cake oat bar is a traditional, handmade, carbohydrate-rich, tasty power snack that provides a lot of energy. Energy Cake Haferriegel - 125g
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Energy Cake GmbH

Energy Cake Haferriegel 125g

Energy Cake Haferriegel - 125g
  • Oat bars
  • Over 500 kcal / bar
  • With fiber

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Product information

An energy cake gives 125 g oat bars, provides over 500 calories. The main ingredients are the oatmeal, which is popular among athletes. Complex long-chain carbohydrates that should not be missing in a daily full athlete´s diet. They also provide high quality unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. The energetic delicious oat bar is suitable for everyone who is active in sports. You can choose between many different flavors, some varieties are also suitable for vegans. Whether for marathon, triathlon, bodybuilding, strength sports, martial arts, game sports or simply as an energy snack for in between - the Energy Cake oat bar is always the perfect companion. The energy bar gives you the energy you need for your training. It helps you to easily cover your energy and carbohydrate needs.


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