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JabuVit Protein-Müsli Klassisch - 500g JabuVit

1x JabuVit Protein-Müsli Klassisch - 500g

The JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic is ideal for strength athletes and bodybuilders to supplement high-protein diet. JabuVit Protein-Müsli Klassisch - 500g
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Protein-Müsli Klassisch 500g

JabuVit Protein-Müsli Klassisch - 500g
  • Specially for athletes/bodybuilders
  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • 21 g protein per 100 g

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Öko-Kennzeichen: DE-ÖKO-009

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Rich in fiber

Organic quality seal

Without pork

Rich in protein



Without aroma

Without Sweeteners

Made in Germany

DE-ECO quality seal


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JabuVit Protein-Müsli Klassisch - 500g

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Packing size: 500g

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The JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic is a special muesli mixture, consisting of spelt and soy flakes, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, amaranth, apricot kernels and flaxseed - not comparable to the conventional cereals from the supermarket.

The ingredients of the Protein-Muesli classic naturally supply essential proteins and dietary fibres as well as vitamins and minerals.

Careful selection of the ingredients renders the cereal special nutritional values and is recommended for strength athletes and bodybuilders. 100 g JabuVit Protein-Muesli classiccontains 21 g protein, which mainly comes from the protein-containing ingredients such as soy flakes, peanuts, amaranth, pumpkin, apricot kernels and flaxseed.

Worth knowing: Why are proteins so important for strength athletes and bodybuilders?

The dietary recommendation for athletes and bodybuilders is a daily protein uptake of 1.5 to max. 2 g per kg of body weight. With a body weight of 80 kg, this corresponds to a total daily uptake of about 120 g to 160 g protein. The JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic can supplement the protein-rich diet of strength athletes, especially if the diet is too imbalanced and proteins are supplied mainly by meat and sausages. A high intake of meat also provides many unwanted substances such as saturated fat, cholesterol and purines, which can weaken the healthy metabolic equilibrium. In particular, strength athletes and people with high cholesterol or uric acid levels should minimise the amount of meat on the daily menu. The JabuVit Power Muesli is free of cholesterol and purines, as it consists only of plant foods and protein sources.

Moreover, JabuVit Protein-Muesli classiconly has vegetable fats, which the body partly needs as essential fatty acids. Therefore, strength athletes who eat a lot of meat and sausage products should ensure a balanced intake of animal and vegetable fats. With the JabuVit Power Muesli, the first step to a balanced diet can be started by taking the power muesli daily in the morning for breakfast or as a snack.

Focus is on the nutrients, protein and fats during strength training, bodybuilding, and especially during the time of sports when it comes to muscle toning and competition. Here, the carbohydrates in the daily diet are deliberately kept low to store less water in the subcutaneous layer. The JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic has a moderate amount of carbohydrates, which assumes a good place as a source of energy and flavour in a diet plan. Particularly noteworthy in JabuVit Power Muesli is the high dietary fibre content, which is suppressed by food proteins and fats in the power diet. Dietary fibres have a high swelling capacity. Therefore, they, along with the food have a great influence on digestion. Many strength athletes complain about a bloated stomach and troublesome indigestion when it comes to the power diet. This may be due to imbalanced diet and lack of dietary fibres.

JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic contributes to a high-fibre intake during the power diet, preserving normal digestive activity.

In addition, dietary fibres have a positive impact on blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and on the feeling of satiety, which is to be considered in the context of the total food intake.

JabuVit Protein-Muesli classic is not only an enhancement for competitive athletes, but also for fitness athletes, who lift weights in their free time or work out on bodybuilding machines.

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