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Lenny & Larry´s Keto Cookie - 45g Lenny & Larry´s

1x Lenny & Larry´s Keto Cookie - 45g

Lenny & Larrys Keto Cookie are the ideal snack for vegans in between. Snack without remorse! Lenny & Larry´s Keto Cookie - 45g
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Lenny & Larry´s

Keto Cookie 45g

Lenny & Larry´s Keto Cookie - 45g
  • Low sugar
  • 8g protein per cookie
  • vegan

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Product information

Whether cookie fan or as a change from the well-known protein bar, Lenny & Larry´s cookies are the new and delicious way to enjoy the healthy fitness lifestyle. The 100% vegan keto cookie by Lenny & Larry´s is not only incredibly delicious, but also contains only natural ingredients in addition to a particularly high protein content and valuable fiber. In addition, the keto cookies satisfy the craving for sweets. If you eat gluten-free, the keto cookie is the ideal snack for you. You will love this low-carb, low-sugar, vegan snack with every bite.


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