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Maxi Caps for maximum success

Maxi Caps for maximum success

When you train hard and you expose your body to new challenges or when you are subjected to stressful situations in daily life, then you need products with maximal effect in order to provide your body and muscles with the best nutrients.

The Maxi Caps from Body Attack provide more active ingredients than conventional capsules and they can be taken at any time and opportunity without much effort. Arginine Shock, BCAA 9700 and Glutamine 10000 provide the very important amino acids for athletes. The Muscle Creatine, which contains premium quality Creapure® and increases performance whilst training, completes our Maxi Caps range. This way you are optimally equipped with our Maxi Caps for a full power workout!

"This is the ultimatum – it cannot be better!"

David Hoffmann, German Champion 2014, swears by the high-dose Maxi Caps from Body Attack. "These capsules are ideal for me: they dissolve quickly, contain the pure active substance and I do not have any problem with the taste like I have with the odd powder.

The great advantage of the Maxi Caps is the high dosage. This way I have to swallow less capsules than with conventional products, which is not insignificant in my consumption of sports nutrition", says Hoffmann – one of the most successful and well-known bodybuilders Germany – about the Maxi Caps.

Try the Maxi Caps from Body Attack as well and raise your training onto a whole new level!