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My Supps 100% L-Arginine HCL - 250g My Supps

1x My Supps 100% L-Arginine HCL - 250g

My Supps L-Arginine Powder is an amino acid powder that is free of additives, favoured by athletes before training.. My Supps 100% L-Arginine HCL - 250g
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My Supps

100% L-Arginine HCL 250g

My Supps 100% L-Arginine HCL - 250g
  • Amino acid L-Arginine
  • Powder for mixing in beverages

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My Supps L-Arginine Powder is an amino acid powder that is free of additives, favoured by athletes before training..

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My Supps 100% L-Arginine HCL - 250g

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 250g

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 62 day(s).

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My Supps L-Arginine Powder is suitable for mixing into protein shakes and can also be taken with fruit juice. It is pure Arginine powder without any additives.

Arginine is one of the semi-essential amino acids and is therefore crucial in some of the body´s metabolic situations. As endogenous production is not always sufficient, it must be consumed with our daily nutrition. For instance, Arginine is found in prawns, chicken, soy beans, tuna and hazelnuts.

Arginine plays a role in the production of the substance NO (nitric oxide), which causes the blood vessels to dilate that in turn is involved in the tension of blood vessels, blood flow and circulation of blood in the organs.

Furthermore, Arginine also participates in the replenishment of creatine in the liver, from where it is transported to the muscles, heart and the brain via the bloodstream. Creatine allows the body to produce the high-energy substance adenosine triphosphate, hence maintaining the energy metabolism. Additionally, the creatine phosphate reservoirs in the muscles can hence be supplied continuously with new creatine molecules. There may be an elevated need for creatine, especially while dieting or after training.

The amino acid is not merely involved in the production of creatine and NO, it is also involved in the hormone metabolism. The discovery of Arginine´s biochemical properties prompted significant interest, particularly among bodybuilders and strength athletes. My Supps L-Arginine Powder is now among the most popular amino acid supplements in strength sport and is preferably taken before and after training. The increased protein metabolism also makes it one of the standard supplements for competition.

This is because Arginine is involved in the urea cycle in the liver, in which larger numbers of acidic metabolites such as ammoniac accumulate. They must be removed from the metabolism to ensure that the protein and energy metabolism can continue undisturbed.

Worth knowing: Who should take particular care to ensure sufficient consumption of Arginine?

Given that Arginine is one of the semi-essential amino acids, endogenous production is insufficient in some situations, and the body is reliant on intake with our nutrition. Children in growth phases, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, chronic illnesses or patients with arteriosclerosis and competitive athletes should all take care that their Arginine intake is sufficient.

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