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My Supps 100% L-Tryptophan - 100 Caps My Supps

1x My Supps 100% L-Tryptophan - 100 Caps

My Supps L-Tryptophane can, in the event of one-sided nutrition or low-calorie diets, ensure the supply of sufficient quantities of Tryptophane. My Supps 100% L-Tryptophan - 100 Caps
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My Supps

100% L-Tryptophan 100 Caps

My Supps 100% L-Tryptophan - 100 Caps
  • Amino acid L-Tryptophane
  • 800 mg of Tryptophane per capsule
  • Pure quality

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Without pork


GMO free




Without aroma

Without dyes

Without Sweeteners

Made in Germany

My Supps L-Tryptophane can, in the event of one-sided nutrition or low-calorie diets, ensure the supply of sufficient quantities of Tryptophane.

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My Supps 100% L-Tryptophan - 100 Caps

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Packing size: 100 Caps

Content is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 100 day(s).

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In the event of one-sided or low-calorie nutrition, My Supps L-Tryptophane can deliver a supplementary balance in the daily diet and also provide the body with sufficient Tryptophane to care for the skin and the nervous system.

My Supps L-Tryptophane contains one of the 8 essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce itself. It is therefore necessary to consume this amino acid as part of daily nutrition, which it contains in low quantities.

Particularly suitable foods in this group include soy beans, cheese, meat and peas. Bananas, nuts and chocolate are also good suppliers of Tryptophane.

People need different amounts of daily Tryptophane intake – but a good estimate is around 4 mg of L-Tryptophane per kilogram of bodyweight. Healthy adults consume between around 3.5 and 6 mg of Tryptophane per day in their daily nutrition.

A one-sided nutrition, diet and stress may lead to a deficiency in this essential amino acid. This can cause mood swings in particular and even depression, as L-Tryptophane fulfils many important functions within the metabolism – especially in connection with various neurotransmitters.

Worth knowing: In which bodily functions is L-Tryptophane involved?

Together with vitamin B6, the essential amino acid L-Tryptophane is involved in the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. The amino acid L-Tryptophane is hence described as a precursor to serotonin.

L-Tryptophane is released especially during a sense of happiness and while eating, hence allowing the body to feel satisfied and more at ease. From this perspective of biochemistry, people with a tendency towards depression are assumed to suffer from serotonin deficiency.

Sleeping disorders are also linked with serotonin deficiency, as the body is able to use serotonin to produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is said to shorten the period it takes to fall asleep and to enhance the quality of sleep.

L-Tryptophane is also involved in the metabolism of B-vitamins; the body is able to take 60 mg of L-Tryptophane to produce roughly 1 mg of niacin.

Niacin is indispensable in the preservation of normal skin and mucous membranes, as both organs serve as protective barriers against external influences (e.g. exhaust fumes, rain, heat, bacteria). Furthermore, niacin assumes a key role in the standard energy metabolism and contributes to normal functions in the nervous system.

Which products can be sensibly combined with My Supps L-Tryptophane?
  1. With Body Attack B-Complex, as it contains all B vitamins and in particular vitamin B6 for the protein and sugar metabolism
  2. With Body Attack GABA, the gamma aminobutyric acid, which the body produces itself for the cerebral metabolism
  3. With Body Attack Magnesium + Calcium, which both contribute to normal signal transmission between the nerve cells and to normal nerve functions

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