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My Supps 100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g My Supps

1x My Supps 100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g

My Supps 100 % Pure glutamic acid consists of the amino acid without any additives. My Supps 100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g
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My Supps

100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g

My Supps 100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g
  • glutamic acid
  • Powder for mixing in beverages
  • Amino acid

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Without pork


GMO free


Caffeine free




Without aroma

Without dyes

Without preservatives

Without Sweeteners

Made in Germany

My Supps 100 % Pure glutamic acid consists of the amino acid without any additives.

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My Supps 100% Pure glutamic acid- 300g

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glutamic acid is among the so-called semi-essential amino acids. This means that although our bodies can manufacture adequate quantities of it, endogenous production may frequently be insufficient in certain metabolic situations.

These include extreme phases of diet, excessive physical exertion, sport injuries, operations or chronic diseases.

In these cases the body needs additional quantities of glutamic acid for the ongoing metabolic processes (e.g. acid-alkaline balance); but stocks of glutamic acid are often not replenished at a sufficient rate. This can quickly lead to a loss in muscle tissue.

The reason for this is that whenever there is an energy deficit or energy reservoirs are entirely exhausted, the musculature can be used as an additional supplier of energy.

My Supps 100 % Pure glutamic acid can be a sensible dietary supplement in order to secure an increased quantity of glutamic acid in these metabolic situations.

Athletes prefer to mix My Supps 100 % Pure glutamic acid in fruit juices (e.g. grape juice) or protein shakes, usually taken before and after training.

Worth knowing: What is glutamic acid?

Glutamic acidis a semi-essential amino acid; it is hence crucial for the body in certain metabolic situations and must be taken as part of nutrition.

glutamic acid is found in high concentrations in the muscles and also in the blood plasma. It has various functions.

Firstly, it plays a part in the removal of ammoniac, a metabolite produced increasingly during intense physical exertion, from the liver and the kidneys. It therefore fulfils a key function in the body´s acid-alkaline balance and ensures a healthy equilibrium.

Secondly, it functions as a supplier of energy and is used in large quantities, above all in the intestinal cells. glutamic acid is found primarily in high-protein nutrition such as dairy products, soy, wheat or meat.

Which products can I combine sensibly with My Supps 100 % Pure glutamic acid?
  1. With a whey protein such as My Supps 100% Natural Whey Protein, which enhances the intake of protein and contributes to a growth in muscle mass
  2. With a creatine product such as My Supps 100 % Creatine Monohydrate Powder, which contributes to an increase in physical performance in explosive power training
  3. With a BCAA product such as My Supps Pure BCAA Powder, which can also be used in certain metabolic situations as energy suppliers

This product has a central pharmaceutical number (PZN) and can be ordered in pharmacies.

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