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New product: Body Attack Glutamine 10000

New product: Body Attack Glutamine 10000

Body Attack Glutamine 10000We have launched a new product on the market: Body Attack Glutamine 10000 contains high-quality Maxi-Caps for your protein metabolism.

Glutamine 10000 provides the amino acid L-Glutamine in free form. Glutamine is present in the body in the muscle tissue and is therefore especially important for strength athletes. Even endurance athletes and dieters, who consume less food proteins, benefit from the GMO free Glutamine 10000 – for maximum strength and regeneration.

Only in June 15% cheaper: Glutamine 10000

With the Glutamine 10000 you can have a close eye on your daily amino acid balance! Eight capsules of 1250 mg Glutamine each meet exactly the daily serving of 10000 mg Glutamine – as the product name indicates.

Try out now the amino acid product Glutamine 10000!

Our tip: Glutamine 10000 fits perfectly with our Muscle Creatine! And the best of all, both products are reduced by 15% in June! 300 Maxi-Caps Glutamine 10000 are available for €31.41 instead of €36.95 and 240 Maxi-Caps Muscle Creatine are available for €25.46 instead of €29.95!*

**300 Maxi-Caps: €72.54/kg, 240 Maxi-Caps: €91.25/kg. This 15% discount is only valid until 30. June 2014.