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My Supps Pre Workout Paket Profi My Supps

1x My Supps Pre Workout Paket Profi

The Pre Workout Package Professionals contain the ultimate top products for professional athletes and are taken before training in order to boost top performances. My Supps Pre Workout Paket Profi
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My Supps

Pre Workout Paket Profi

My Supps Pre Workout Paket Profi
  • Pure whey protein
  • Flavouring for neutral protein
  • Pure creatine powder

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The Pre Workout Package Professionals contain the ultimate top products for professional athletes and are taken before training in order to boost top performances.

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BCAA+Glutamin 500gBananaBanana-Chocolate-SplitBeta AlanineCaffeine Boost 450 - 150 CapsCaramel-ToffeeCarbo Complex 1kgCherryChocolateChocolate-CoconutChocolate-CookieCreatineL-Arginine Powder 250gNatural Whey Protein kgNut-NougatRaspberry-YoghurtStracciatellaStrawberryVanillaVanilla-Cookie

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4250507105784 - Beta Alanine
4250507100468 - BCAA+Glutamin 500g
4250507103285 - Natural Whey Protein kg
4250507100642 - Carbo Complex 1kg
4250507103803 - Creatine
4250507103353 - L-Arginine Powder 250g
4250507100376 - Caffeine Boost 450 - 150 Caps
4250507104183 - Banana
4250507104190 - Banana-Chocolate-Split
4250507104169 - Caramel-Toffee
4250507104145 - Chocolate
4250507104176 - Chocolate-Coconut
4250507104220 - Chocolate-Cookie
4250507104152 - Nut-Nougat
4250507104206 - Strawberry
4250507104138 - Vanilla
4250507104121 - Vanilla-Cookie
4250507103483 - Raspberry-Yoghurt
4250507103476 - Stracciatella
4250507103957 - Cherry



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Hard and intense muscle training places stress on the body and requires regular and sufficient supply of all important nutrients. The more muscle you have, the greater the quantities of amino acids and other substances you need.

But once you have satisfied all needs, your physical performance will reach its peak and you can also boost your performance in training. This is why My Supps put together the Pre Workout Package Professionals, taken approx. 30–45 minutes before training.

The package contains proteins, various amino acids, carbohydrates, creatine and caffeine, also aromas to improve the neutral taste of the protein.

This package contains:
  1. My Supps Natural Whey Protein 2kg 29,99 Euro (RRP)
  2. My Supps 100% Pure BCAA + glutamic acid 500g 24,99 Euro (RRP)
  3. My Supps L-Arginine Powder 250g 14,99 Euro (RRP)
  4. My Supps Caffeine Boost 300 - 150 Caps 6,99 Euro (RRP)
  5. My Supps Carbo Complex 1kg 6,99 Euro (RRP)
  6. My Supps Protein Shaker 600ml 3,99 Euro (RRP)
  7. My Supps My Flavouring System 120g 4,99 Euro (RRP)
  8. My Supps Creatine Monohydrate 300g 7,49 Euro (RRP)
Instead of 100,42 EUR (RRP all items) here as set-price (s.above).

The package offers the following top benefits:
My Supps 100% Natural Whey Protein
The body needs protein to build muscle. This is why My Supps 100% Natural Whey Protein is ideal to cover the high, daily protein intake requirements of professional athletes. 100% Natural Whey Protein is a pure whey concentrate, rich in BCAA but containing little fat and carbohydrate. Additionally, of all sources of nutrient protein, whey has the highest biological value.

My Supps 100 % Pure BCAA + glutamic acid
BCAA and also glutamic acid are found in the muscles and are building blocks for proteins that contribute to building and preserving muscle. Professional athletes with significant muscle bulk and a hard training schedule require more BCAA and glutamic acid than other athletes. Athletes may suffer an energy deficit if their bodies receive insufficient BCAA and glutamic acid before training; in these cases the glutamic acid and BCAA are taken from the muscle reserves. The result: The body loses muscle mass. To avoid this, it is well worth taking the top combination product My Supps 100% Pure BCAA plus glutamic acid.

My Supps L-Arginine Powder
Arginine is the precursor to nitrogen monoxide NO. This molecule is among those responsible for dilating the blood vessels. Among other things, it plays an important role in protein metabolism. By taking Supps L-Arginine Powder before training, athletes consume high-quality L-Arginine (hydrochloride), free of any additives.

My Supps 100 % Beta Alanine
When asked to endure prolonged strain, the muscles will eventually grow tired. To prevent premature fatigue and overacidification of the musculature, it is recommended to take My Supps 100% Beta Alanine. It is an amino acid compound (dipeptide).

My Supps Caffeine Boost 300
My Supps Caffeine Boost 300 contain 150 mg of caffeine per capsule – or the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Taking 3 mg of caffeine per kilogram of bodyweight can help boost stamina in training. The body needs 75 mg of caffeine per serving in order to enhance alertness and attentiveness.

My Supps Carbo Complex
A good training performance needs energy, or in other words calories. A supplement like My Supps Carbo Complex is an ideal complement to daily calorie intake in a balanced diet. After all, the carbohydrate sources it contains do not make the tummy feel bloated. The formula contained in Carbo Complex delivers carbohydrate with a high glycaemic index (intake above 50 g). Carbo XT is also free of colourings, sweeteners and artificial aromas.

My Supps My Flavouring System
The My Supps My Flavouring System was developed to introduce more variety of taste to neutral protein shakes and also other foods containing proteins, among them baked goods and dairy products. It offers 13 artificial aromas that quickly and easily improve the taste and also cut back on calories.

My Supps 100 % Creatine Monohydrate Powder
Professional athletes like testing their limits and are always seeking to boost their own physical performance. A daily intake of 3 g of creatine increases physical performance during explosive power training. This makes My Supps 100% Creatine Monohydrate Powder ideal for all athletes and persons whose creatine intake in their daily diet is insufficient. My Supps 100% Creatine Monohydrate Powder is a pure creatine powder with extremely fine granules; it is converted into ATP during brief, intense training and can also be used for hard muscle training.

My Supps Protein Shaker
The My Supps Protein Shaker is just what you need to prepare training booster shakes. It is used to mix creamy protein shakes at the flick of the wrist and entirely without clumps. It has a volume of 700 ml with a 50 ml scale. The My Supps Protein Shaker can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.