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The Shock-Edition

Is your workout for strength, endurance and performance hard and intense? Do you want to get the max out of your training but mono-products just don´t cut it for you anymore? Then the Shock-Edition by Body Attack is exactly what you are looking for.

Explosive training, explosive savings!Cologne List

The Shock-Edition consists of five premium Body Attack products: BCAA Shock, AAKG Shock, Testo Shock, Glutamine Shock and Arginine Shock.

Ideally suited for all advanced strength, endurance and performance athletes whose physical activity induces extremely elevated energy metabolism.

All five products are on the approved Cologne List and with their high Maxi-Caps dose are a convincing product.

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A combination of ingredients for success

Even the design of the Shock-Edition by Body Attack promises maximum power for all bodybuilders and weight-lifters who push their training to the limit and beyond.The Shock-Edition by Body Attack

The Shock-Line is specially designed for advanced and professional athletes who want to get the best possible performance from their bodies by taking high-dose supplements. This target group has generally already had experience with mono-preparations containing amino-acids and are now turning to stronger multi-component products from the Shock-Edition series.

Shock-Edition consists of five Body Attack products: These include BCAA Shock, AAKG Shock, Testo Shock, Glutamine Shock and Arginine Shock.

Each product from the Shock-Edition combines several different ingredients. So, BCAA Shock supplies L-Alanine besides BCAA in addition to various B vitamins. Arginine Shock is additionally enriched with L-Citrulline Malate.

The specially developed formulations are a carefully balanced selection of ingredients combined with the main ingredient. This should improve absorption in the body.

Maxi-Caps for more content

All five of the Body Attack Shock-Edition capsule products contain so-called Maxi-Caps.Maxi-Caps

Maxi-Caps are bigger than conventional capsules and therefore contain higher doses. More active substance is contained in one Maxi-Cap than in a conventional capsule. As a result, the body is supplied with a higher dose and, at the same time, the intake amount is lower.

In addition, Maxi-Caps do not just contain one ingredient, instead they contain several. There are no monotonous mono-products in the Shock-Edition. Shock-Edition stands out from the rest through its complementary multi-components.

Since the capsule volume is larger, different ingredients can be combined in a single capsule without skimping on the main ingredient.

Shock-Edition on the Cologne List

All the Body Attack Shock-Edition products are on the Cologne List.Cologne List

The Cologne List is a list of dietary supplements, which have been tested for banned substances by independent experts at the German Sports University in Cologne. Body Attack has Shock products tested in order to eliminate potential uncertainties.

Distinguished not only through its Cologne List approval, Shock-Edition also has the Made in Germany seal of quality. All five are convincing multi-component products by virtue of their high-quality ingredients, specially developed formulations and a carefully balanced combination of active ingredients.