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BODY ATTACK TESTO-BOX® – for enormous gains in muscle mass and strength

TESTO-BOX® by BODY ATTACK is the most powerful natural testosterone booster available in the world for enhancing the natural production of anabolic hormones.

TESTO-BOX® contains two effective supplements with muscle building properties. They are TESTO-MAX 100 Plus and R-ALA (R-alpha lipoic acid) both being supplements for hardcore body building. TESTO-MAX 100 Plus is a supplement which can naturally stimulate testosterone increase. The hormone stimulating property in TESTO-MAX 100 Plus is caused by: Both bioactive substances have a similar structure as sex hormones and are bound by the hormone receptors. The body responds by releasing the luteinising hormone (LH hormone), which is a precursor to testosterone. The LH hormone stimulates the production of testosterone in the testicles and naturally increases the blood levels. The hormones then enter through the bloodstream into the muscle cells where they exert their growth-promoting effect.

TESTO-MAX 100 Plus and the naturally elevated testosterone stimulation not only enhance lean muscle growth but also promote the formation of new connective tissue (e.g. bone, cartilage), red blood cells and haemoglobin. It also activates the fat degeneration enzymes which reduce body fat deposited in body tissue. Only a few years ago it was possible via several placebo-controlled studies (by Gonzales et al. 2001, 2002, 2003 and Dording et al. 2008) to show that hormone-like plant compounds can increase sexual desire and the testosterone levels in healthy men. For the study, men between the ages of 21 to 56 years were recruited and observed for 12 weeks.

TESTO-MAX 100 Plus has additional anabolic ingredients which ensure that the natural testosterone levels and protein synthesis remains stable even during physical exertion. Zinc is involved in the development of body proteins and hormones (e.g. growth hormones, sex hormones, insulin). TESTO-MAX 100 Plus possesses a stable zinc compound which has an absorption rate of up to 95 percent. This improves natural testosterone production so the body can convert larger amounts of amino acids into muscle tissue. Through studies (Ohno et al. 1999, Micheletti et al. 2001, Van Loan et al. 1999) on athletes it could be observed that the under-supply of zinc leads to anorexia, latent fatigue, muscle weakness and significant weight loss. Keeping this in mind, additional zinc was added to TESTO-MAX 100 Plus to support endurance and muscle mass increases.

Amino acids like L-Arginine and L-Glutamine increase the nutrient supply into the muscle cells allowing the muscles to get a huge boost of energy while training. This is caused by water retention in the muscle cells and increased cell volume. In addition, the two amino acids have a positive effect on the testosterone levels because they absorb the muscle damaging hormone-cortisol in the blood during and after exercise. This speeds up the muscle tissue repair and formation process since the body will only need to degrade a smaller amount of muscle protein to be used as an energy source. L-Glutamine is also an energy-rich nutrient source for the immune system and supports the formation of antibodies. This enhances the immune function and reduces susceptibility to disease, thus reducing loss of training time.