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Sportswear for women

Whether you are jogging, doing yoga or at the gym, during training, every woman wants to look good in beautiful sportswear. However, Sportswear should not only look good, but also be functional – it must fit perfectly, offer freedom of movement and absorb the perspiration quickly. [Read more]

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Sportswear for women

When functional sportswear is also beautiful, then women feel fitter almost immediately – and training is much more fun, too! Training clothes really do not have to be boring – on the contrary, Body Attack offers functional clothing in fashionable colours, cool looks and with a feminine fit.

When choosing the right fitness gear, you need to pay attention to not only the style and colour, but also to the material and cut. In addition, your sportswear should be suitable for the particular type of sport. Long-line, loose trousers made of soft cotton are perfect for long Pilates sessions in the gym, for example. For intensive running session in the summer, you will do better with short and breathable functional trousers.