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VPX Bang RTD Energy Drink - 500ml VPX

1x VPX Bang RTD Energy Drink - 500ml

VPX Bang RTD is an energy drink that provides the body with caffeine and important BCAAs and still tastes great. VPX Bang RTD Energy Drink - 500ml
Euro New InStock 2020-08-06
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Bang RTD Energy Drink 500ml

VPX Bang RTD Energy Drink - 500ml
  • 160 mg caffeine per can
  • zero calories
  • excellent taste

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Product information

VPX has known every sports enthusiast since the Booster Redline White Heat at the latest. With its Energy Drink VPX BANG , the Americans have launched another best seller on the market. The Ready-to-drink VPX Bang contains caffeine as well as BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). The combination of these ingredients makes the energy drink not only a real stimulant , but also a sports drink that, in addition to providing support in focusing on training, the body and especially the muscles, important amino acids < / strong> feeds. Other ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin B12 and magnesium complete the formula of this innovative energy drink.


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