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Whey Protein Hydrolisate

Whey protein hydrolisate for muscle growth

Whey protein hydrolisate is a whey protein that contributes to the preservation and growth of muscles. In enzymatic terms the protein is split into di and tripeptide which means that the body is able to absorb and process it very quickly. There is no other protein with a similarly high bio-availability as whey protein hydrolisate. It is available to the body in just a few minutes. The content of BCAAs and EAAs is also particularly high.

Top athletes, strength athletes and bodybuilders appreciate whey protein hydrolisate also due to its extremely low carbohydrate and fat content. It is particularly easy to digest due to its enzymatic split and does not remain heavy in the stomach, something that pleases endurance athletes in dancing, swimming, cycling or running in particular. It is often added to other whey components, as the high-quality hydrolisate has a bitter taste. The whey protein hydrolisate comes with a protein content of over 90 % and when combined with other protein components also helps elevate their bio-availability.