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Body Attack Power Protein 90 - 1kg Body Attack

1x Body Attack Power Protein 90 - 1kg

Power Protein 90 provides a blend of fast and slow digestible proteins, therefore, promoting optimal muscle growth. It has good solubility and tastes great in water. Body Attack Power Protein 90 - 1kg
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Body Attack

Power Protein 90 1kg

Body Attack Power Protein 90 - 1kg
Kölner Liste/ Cologn List
Cologne List: The Power Protein 90 with Chocolate Cream flavour is checked at regular intervals. All other flavours undergo the same manufacturing process and differ only in flavour.

  • Low-fat
  • 500 mg Carnipure per shake
  • 9.300 mg free form BCAA + Optipep

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Low in fat
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Made in Germany

Power Protein 90 provides a blend of fast and slow digestible proteins, therefore, promoting optimal muscle growth. It has good solubility and tastes great in water.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

Apricot-Maracuya CreamBanana CreamBirthday CakeBirthday CakeBlueberry YogurtButter Biscuit FlavourCherry-Yoghurt CreamChocolate CreamChocolate Nut-NougatCoconut CreamCookies n CreamHazelnutLemon Curd CreamNeutralPistachio CreamRaspberryStracciatella CreamStrawberry CreamStrawberry-White ChocolateVanilla Cream

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4250350536094 - Butter Biscuit Flavour
4250350507148 - Chocolate Nut-Nougat
4250350507131 - Cookies n Cream
4250350507049 - Raspberry
4250350506677 - Strawberry-White Chocolate
4250350500309 - Hazelnut
4250350500330 - Neutral
4250350500347 - Pistachio Cream
4250350500378 - Stracciatella Cream
4250350530306 - Blueberry Yogurt
4250350500262 - Apricot-Maracuya Cream
4250350500323 - Lemon Curd Cream
4250350500354 - Chocolate Cream
4250350500279 - Banana Cream
4250350500316 - Cherry-Yoghurt Cream
4250350500286 - Coconut Cream
4250350500385 - Vanilla Cream
4250350500293 - Strawberry Cream
4250350531464 - Birthday Cake
4250350536018 - Milchreis



VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 1kg

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 33 day(s).

No rating available.

Whether for fitness, games, endurance or strength athletes: Power Protein 90 from Body Attack is the ideal supplement if muscle stress is boosting energy metabolism. Exactly then the Power Protein 90 delivers valuable proteins to contribute to building or preserving the musculature.

Power Protein 90 Infos

Power Protein 90 combines the benefits of high-quality protein sources and supports a low-fat, protein-rich, and athlete´s diet. It contains whey protein, capable of providing the body with protein extremely quickly since it can be absorbed very well. The Casein, on the other hand, is absorbed in a staggered way and provides the body with protein over a lasting period of time. So, the creamy shake can be taken as a substantial meal in the mornings and evenings as well as directly after training to provide the muscles.

Product highlights

Combines the benefits of high-quality protein sources
The Power Protein 90 from Body Attack is a multi-component protein with biologically valuable protein sources. This means it is particularly easy for the body to convert into endogenous proteins. Power Protein 90 is, therefore, an effective aid in building new muscle mass and preventing muscle breakdown.

One advantage of the different protein sources in the Power Protein 90 is the higher amino acid balance. Through the combination of Casein and whey protein, the shake contains a high amount of essential amino acids. An additional benefit: In addition to high-quality proteins, the popular Power Protein 90 by Body Attack provides other essential nutrients such as vitamins and L-Carnitine.

Provides valuable BCAA for muscle metabolism
The whey proteins contained in Body Attack Power Protein 90 feature a high BCAA content. BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, around 30 per cent of which occur in the muscles. Given that they are considered key amino acids for muscle growth, they are of particular value to the body. A Power Protein 90 shake provides up to 9,300 mg BCAA per serving*. This perfectly covers the increased need for BCAA caused by increased physical exertion in athletes.

Prevents muscle breakdown during a diet phase
Power Protein 90 from Body Attack even supports diets, as the lactose and fat content in Power Protein 90 is extremely low. Further, valuable muscle mass can be lost during diet phases due to lack of protein. To counteract this, it is recommended to increase protein intake during diet phases by taking a Power Protein 90 shake by Body Attack. However, the shake should always be mixed with water because it is no longer low-carb if prepared with milk.

Provides 500 mg L-Carnitine per shake
L-Carnitine is a nutrient similar to vitamins, which the body is only able to produce itself in low quantities. It has similar properties in energy and fat metabolism as B vitamins, which is why it used to be included as one of them as well. It makes sense for athletes who ingest too little L-Carnitine in their daily nutrition to take additional L-Carnitine when they have a high energy need. This is why Body Attack Power Protein 90 also contains 500 mg Carnitine per shake*.

The L-Carnitine in the Power Protein 90 is the popular Carnipure™. The Carnipure™ logo guarantees the highest quality and 100 % pure L -Carnitine. (Carnipure Logo)

Contains many important vitamins
In addition to high-quality proteins, amino acids and L-Carnitine, the Power Protein 90 also provides many valuable vitamins.

With what products can the Body Attack Power Protein 90 be combined best?

*One serving = 50 g powder in 250 ml water. All of these values ​​refer to the flavor Strawberry-White Chocolate.