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Road to Relaunch

Road to Relaunch - Liegestütz

Nothing is out of reach. No goal is too high. We know our limits – time to break them. IT’S TIME FOR A NEW START! IT’S TIME FOR A RESTART! IT’S TIME TO ATTACK OUR LIMITS! We’ve been your most important performance nutrition partner for nearly three decades. Your first port of call for supplements that make all the difference. For articles and blogs with high-quality information. For a good dose of motivation! We’re part of your journey and celebrate your successes. You know your limits – and surpass them. Time and time again we’re there with you. The last hurdle is just the jumping off point for the next challenge. We’re challenging our limits – together.


Nearly three decades of experience have brought us here: we’re Germany’s leading online shop for effective sport nutrition, with numerous stores across the country. And state borders can’t hold us back. Our functional foods are shipped globally, pushing peak performers to new limits. Power proteins, extraordinary aminos and satisfying snacks – we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our goal hasn’t changed: providing you with the best performance nutrition so that you can have the best possible performance. Your goals are our goals. Your motivation is our motivation. So, what’s your next goal? Define it and ATTACK YOUR LIMITS!


BODY ATTACK is changing. We’re competitive, ambitious and passionate – we are BODY ATTACK. We’re changing and redefining ourselves – just like you. Why? Stagnation is useless – you need new, innovative formulas, unique approaches to nutrition and sustainable ingredients. We deliver all of that. Cutting-edge, new, smarter, better. That’s why we’re taking new paths, evolving, becoming more active, more direct and are pushing you to your best results. We’re challenging our limits and becoming stronger. Let’s redefine our motivations – together – and unite our goals. Mediocrity? Not good enough. Get ready for new product innovations, blog inspiration and motivators! Get ready – it’s TIME TO ATTACK ALL LIMITS!