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Body Attack Flav Drops - 50ml Body Attack

1x Body Attack Flav Drops - 50ml

Body Attack Flav Drops are extremely delicious and give your neutral protein shakes a special touch. Body Attack Flav Drops - 50ml
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Body Attack

Flav Drops 50ml

Body Attack Flav Drops - 50ml
  • Only 5-10 drops per shake
  • Zero calories and sugar-free
  • Highly concentrated

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Body Attack Flav Drops are extremely delicious and give your neutral protein shakes a special touch.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

Apple PieBananaBlueberry MuffinBlueberryButter BiscuitCappuccinoCaramelChai TeaCheesecakeCherryChocolateCinnamon RollCinnamonCoconutCookie DoughCotton CandyHazelnutLemonMarzipanNut NougatRaspberryRocky RoadSpekulatiusStrawberryVanilla

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4250350540251 - Spekulatius
4250350540657 - Cinnamon Roll
4250350540633 - Marzipan
4250350537954 - Apple Pie
4250350537978 - Blueberry Muffin
4250350537992 - Nut Nougat
4250350523391 - Banana
4250350523414 - Butter Biscuit
4250350523438 - Strawberry
4250350523452 - Cheesecake
4250350534816 - Cookie Dough
4250350532348 - Rocky Road
4250350534830 - Chai Tea
4250350532409 - Cotton Candy
4250350532423 - Cinnamon
4250350532362 - Lemon
4250350523476 - Cherry
4250350523490 - Chocolate
4250350523513 - Vanilla
4250350528068 - Blueberry
4250350528075 - Hazelnut
4250350528082 - Raspberry
4250350528099 - Coconut
4250350528105 - Caramel
4250350532386 - Cappuccino



VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 50ml

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 200 day(s).

No rating available.

The Flav Drops by Body Attack are a tasty, highly concentrated flavouring system designed for refining food and beverages. The consumption of fitness and diet products can become rather monotonous over time. Flav Drops are ideal for boosting your taste buds. A neutral-flavour protein shake, for instance, is jazzed up in no time. And what is best: You can enjoy without regrets as the drops are free of calories and sugar and therefore ideal to use during diet and training phases.

Product highlights:

Many athletes regularly incorporate curds, yoghurt and milk in their diet to top up their protein level with protein of high biological quality. As you can´t get dairy products quite as sweet by adding only fresh fruit, lots of people use honey or syrups containing sugar. The regular intake of simple sugars can, however, lead to weight gain and promote the formation of fat. This makes the Flav Drops an ideal alternative as they taste wonderfully sweet and tickle your taste buds in a wide range of delicious flavours.

You now have a good variety of different flavours at hand - bringing an end to the days of monotonous and boring food. Muesli and smoothie enthusiasts, too, will love the different flavours. Because Flav Drops conjure up more flavour in your food, no matter whether you want give your food a more intensive taste of chocolate muesli or strawberry smoothie, it is entirely up to you how many flavouring drops you add. And last but not least: let us not forget baked goods like cakes, muffins, pancakes, etc. which are often sweetened with sugar or honey. These also supply your body with too many simple sugars and empty calories. Body Attack Flav Drops contain sweeteners and flavourings which make the taste of food and beverages more intensive. It is important that both are represented in the ideal ratio to give the food a very intense taste.

For whom are Body Attack Flav Drops suited?
Thanks to the highly concentrated formula, only 5-10 drops are all you need to boost your shakes.

The Flav Drops are ideal for touching up milk, shakes, yoghurt, desserts, diet products, coffee, tea, cake and gateaux. The Flav Drops are calorie- and sugar-free which makes them simply perfect for all figure and health conscious people.

When used in the recommended quantity, the Body Attack Flav Drops supply your body with no calories which is why no nutrition information is provided on the label.