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Body Attack Magnesium Shot 25ml Body Attack

1x Body Attack Magnesium Shot 25ml

The supplement Body Attack Magnesium Shots serves as a dietary supplement, and contains 25 ml magnesium citrate per vial. Body Attack Magnesium Shot 25ml
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Body Attack

Magnesium Shot 25ml

Body Attack Magnesium Shot 25ml
  • Liquid magnesium
  • 25 ml per ampoule
  • Rapid availability

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The supplement Body Attack Magnesium Shots serves as a dietary supplement, and contains 25 ml magnesium citrate per vial.

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Body Attack Magnesium Shot 25ml

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Magnesium has many benefits for athletes, not only in terms of muscle function. Basically, magnesium contributes to the maintenance of the normal balance of electrolytes and the normal energy metabolism. This is especially important during intense workouts because the body must be able to utilize the nutrients quickly and make them available to the muscles as an energy source. Magnesium also contributes to normal functioning of the muscles, which is a prerequisite for performing strength training. The mineral also plays a role when it comes to normally functioning protein synthesis. Furthermore, magnesium is essential for the musculoskeletal system, as it helps maintaining the normal structure of bones.

A problem that every sportsman knows is fatigue during long workouts. Fatigue is associated with reduced concentration, such that strenuous and complicated exercises cannot be performed with the required precision. Magnesium contributes to reduction of fatigue. This allows extended and more intensive workouts. An athlete needs to cope with stress during challenging competitions and peak workout loads. Magnesium can contribute to normal functioning of the mental and nervous system, and thus ensure better management of harmful stress.

The magnesium shots from Body Attack deliver 2600 mg of magnesium citrate per vial. This is an organic magnesium form, which is more readily available to the body than conventional magnesium compounds (such as magnesium oxide, chloride).

For whom is the Body Attack Magnesium suitable?

Magnesium is found in many foods that are taken as part of the daily diet to meet the basic metabolic rate. However, the magnesium requirement of athletes is much higher, so dietary supplements like Magnesium Shots from Body Attack can be useful to prevent deficiency. Besides amateurs in strength training, as well as professional bodybuilders, magnesium also offers sportsmen and endurance athletes the above advantages, and thus can be used meaningfully.

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