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Body Attack YamBam Crunch - 55g Body Attack

1x Body Attack YamBam Crunch - 55g

Here comes YAMBAM Crunch! Try two delicious flavors of the new protein bar. Little sugar and palm oil-free with an extra portion of fiber Body Attack YamBam Crunch - 55g
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Body Attack

YamBam Crunch 55g

  • Over 30% protein per bar
  • crunchy crispies in each bar
  • low-sugar protein bar with real chocolate and fiber

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Product information

Get ready for the tastiest crunch of your life! We made the impossible possible. High-quality protein, crunchy chocolate and mighty crunchy crispies have come together to form your best crunch protein bar! Welcome: YAMBAM Crunch! With over 30% protein and extra fiber, your new favorite snack not only keeps you full, it also fights any cravings! Lots of sugar and palm oil? No, no chance! Your new fitness bar is palm oil-free and has only little sugar! So, what are you waiting for? Have a snack!


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