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Weight Gainer

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Carbohydrate Drinks

Carbohydrate-rich drinks for athletes

We need energy for the body to work and the muscles to move. This can be extracted from fat, carbohydrate or also proteins. But all of these nutrients come with different benefits that can be used for targeted nutrition, depending on the phase of training.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, for instance. The body is able to break down muscles to gain nutrients in the event of a shortfall caused by reduced nutrient intake or excessive training. The aim of balanced sports nutrition is to prevent this breakdown in muscle. One way of ensuring this would be to take a lot of protein to ensure the body has no deficit. But athletes may still experience a lack of carbohydrates during longer training phases.

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Endurance Booster

Ideal for strength athletes + endurance athletes - Fill your energy and protein storage!

The Body Attack Endurance Booster contains an ideal ratio of carbohydrates and amino acids, thus accelerating the uptake of nutrients into the muscles. This leads to an increase of the energy and protein storage of the muscles – enabling the muscles to work longer and with more strength, and to grow more effectively.

Double impact: Best supply of cells

Top ingredients and special transport matrix! The Endurance Booster provides all the required nutrients in a drink and puts the muscles into an anabolic state. Due to the quickly available energy and arginine, a stronger muscle is formed during exercising.

The Carbo-T4® formula maximises the muscle storage

The maximisation of the muscle storage is enabled by the Carbo-T4® formula and its quickly and slowly digestible carbohydrates. The quickly digestible carbohydrates include Maltodextrine, D-Glucose monohydrate and maltobiose because they have a high glycaemic index (>100). Due to their molecular weight, they are quickly digested in the gastro-intestinal tract, thus being quickly available for muscle activity. The short digestion time also ensures that fewer amino acids are consumed in the gastro-intestinal tract. This means that 95% of the amino acids from the Endurance Booster get into the bloodstream, where they are absorbed by the muscles. Since the quickly digestible carbohydrates stimulate the insulin release, the amino acids can be moved into the muscles cells more effectively.

The creatine and glutamine values increase enormously, thus giving the muscles a higher cell volume. The maximally filled protein and energy storage increase the muscle growth because fewer muscle proteins are decomposed to urea in the body.

More power + endurance for a longer period

Isolmaltulose, on the other hand, has a lower glycaemic index than 32, and it belongs to the slowly digestible carbohydrates. It delivers long-lasting energy and prevents early muscle fatigue – for more power and endurance over a longer period. In additon, the slow release of isolmaltulose stops the muscle breakdown by depressing stress hormones during a period of exertion. The protein degradation is thus greatly reduced since the muscles are continuously supplied with energy during the period of exertion. Due to these manifold characteristics, the Endurance Booster can be used both before, during and after exercising. Since the amino acids increase the protein synthesis and the growth in the muscle cells, the Endurance Booster can also be used without exercising.

Per Endurance Booster portion (40 g): The strongest amino acids for muscle growth + more strength Metabolism regulators for increasing nutrient utilisation

In order to effectively convert the contained carbohydrates and amino acids into energy and muscle tissue, the body needs sufficient micronutrients. Therefore, the Endurance Booster of Body Attack ensures that: Recommended dosage: Take once daily, before, during or after exercising. Stir 40 g (approx. 2 heaped tablespoons) into 400 ml water.

Body Attack Endurance Booster - For firm muscles and top endurance