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Vitamins and minerals such as magnesium are indispensable elements of a healthy diet. The human organism needs them but is unable to produce them endogenously. This is why we need to include these nutrients in our daily diet. Ascorbic acid, vitamin B and the minerals are soluble in water. But if the organism loses significant quantities of fluid, for example by sweating during physical exertion, magnesium and other nutrients are washed out of our bodies. This may thrown both the water balance and the electrolyte balance off kilter. In these cases it is important to supply the body with water and nutrients to compensate for the deficits produced in this way.

In most cases a varied diet will ensure there is no shortfall in the supply of magnesium. But there may be increased requirements as a result of stress, undue strain or physical exertion. In these cases it is sensible to provide the body with suitable dietary supplements that are able to deliver the nutrients required for the range of metabolic processes.