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Body Attack Low-Calorie Sports Drink
Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml
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Body Attack

Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml

Low-Calorie Sports Drink

  • Low-calorie
  • Fat burning beverage
  • Sugarfree

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Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml
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Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml

Content:500 ml

The content equals a 1 day supply,
when following our recommended dosage.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

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Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml Body Attack Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml
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Lipo 100 Drink - 500ml

(6) reviews
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Body Attack Lipo 100 is a low-calorie sports drink, ideal for enjoying before or during your workout. It is specially designed for people watching their weight and athletes who regularly integrate a fat burning workout in their training plan.

1. Product highlights:

  • Refresher during the diet and definition phase (fat burning workout)
  • Only 4 calories and 0 grams of sugar per 100 ml
  • Ideal for ketogenic and low-carb diets
  • Popular energy drink combining caffeine, glucuronolactone and taurine
  • Selected B vitamins such as B6 & B7 for minimising fatigue
  • Inosit and choline for a normal fat metabolism
  • 160 mg of caffeine per bottle for a better mental focus
  • With guarana extract and L-carnitine

For whom is the LIPO 100 Drink suited?

  • For endurance athletes, as the choline and biotin contribute to a normal energy and fat metabolism when your muscles are under strain.
  • For strength & endurance athletes, as the combination of caffeine and the vitamins B6 and B7 can minimise and delay fatigue.
  • For athletes, preparing for a competition and who must therefore complete an enhanced training program or who are in the definition phase.
  • For people who must be highly concentrated over longer periods at work.
  • For martial artists who require a strong mental focus in single combat.
  • Ideal for all those who are watching their weight and are on a low-calorie, low-fat or ketogenic diet.

2. The ideal drink for your fat burning workout

Athletes who want to loose fat are conscious of a reduced intake of sugar and carbohydrates. The LIPO 100 drink is a perfect alternative to mineral water and the like, as the drink supplies you with no carbohydrates and offers a whole array of effective ingredients which will increase your endurance during fat burning workouts.

People attempting to lose weight can include the LIPO 100 drink in their diet, as it is low in calories and free of sugar. In addition, the B vitamins, inositol and choline in the drink will ensure that your metabolism continues to work smoothly during demanding training and diet phases.

Inositol, choline and biotin help ensure that the energy and fat metabolism can continue to work at a normal level. The vitamin B6 on the other hand ensures a normal protein metabolism so that the muscles can be maintained or even developed during this training phase. To achieve this, you must provide your body with sufficient dietary Proteins

Inositol is related to choline, which like choline can be found in a normal fat metabolism.

3. Fat burning workout: Caffeine, guarana and B vitamins combat premature physical fatigue

The combination of natural mineral water, caffeine, guarana and B vitamins such as niacin, biotin and vitamin B12 can help to delay or reduce fatigue during your fat burning workout. Often athletes, turn to power gels or capsules with caffeine to achieve this effect. The LIPO 100 Drink is a very good alternative. It not only supplies your body with only high quality ingredients, it also tastes great and is ideal for when you are on the go.

4. Which products are advisable to be taken with the Body Attack LIPO 100 Drink?

  1. Body Attack Diät Shake for a low-calorie diet and the reduction of excess body fat.
  2. In Kombination mit dem Body Attack Appetite Reducer, for a long-term reduced calorie intake
  3. Mit dem Body Attack Power Protein 90, for maintaining muscles during the demanding fat burning phase.
  4. During the definition phase, together with the Body Attack BETATOR, for supplying the muscles with an extra helping of leucine derivatives.
  5. Body Attack BCAA Capsules for an increased supply of the three essential amino acids which make up one-third of the muscles.
  6. Body Attack L-Carnitin Liquid 2000 together with vitamin C as the energy metabolism must perform at a higher level during the demanding diet and training phase.


this fat burner lipo 100 is awesome. the best I ever had
Hello everybody! First I thought this product was only for the ladies but it is not!! I tried it some time ago and the effect is unbelievable! 4 kg in... More details
Awesome fatburner guys! My ancient weight was about 64 kg and with lipo I lost 6 kgs in two months!! Gosh!
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