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DAVINA Energy Oatsnack - 65g DAVINA

1x DAVINA Energy Oatsnack - 65g

The DAVINA Energy Oatsnack is a practical snack that delivers a small portion of energy on the go. With 60% carbohydrate content. DAVINA Energy Oatsnack - 65g
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Energy Oatsnack 65g

DAVINA Energy Oatsnack - 65g
  • valuable carbohydrates
  • oatsnack
  • oatmeal

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Product information

Carbohydrates, protein and fat are important nutrients with which the body should be adequately supplied. DAVINA Energy Oatsnack contains these nutrients in the following proportions: 60% from carbohydrates , 13% protein and 7% from fat . There are also many other valuable ingredients, such as to name dried bananas and peanuts . The nutritional value per bar is approximately 242 calories. An important ingredient of the DAVINA Energy Oatsnack is oats . Oats are commonly known as very valuable cereals. It is easy to digest for humans , supplies the body with numerous nutrients and has a range of bioactive substances . It contains the highest mineral content of all cereals, has a lot of iron and provides a large part of vitamin B . The DAVINA Energy Oatsnack is available in several delicious flavors, such as Banana bread. It is ideal for competitive but also recreational athletes. In addition, the DAVINA Energy Oatsnack is also recommended for people with heavy physical activity.


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