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My Supps

Flavouring System 90g

My Supps Flavouring System - 90g
  • Delicious flavours
  • Water-soluble
  • Ideal for protein shakes

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Neutral tasting protein shakes can easily be made delicious using My Supps My Flavouring System. 3g of the powder is enough for a protein shake.

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Apple-CinnamonBananaBanana-Chocolate-SplitCaramel-ToffeeCherryChocolateChocolate-CoconutChocolate-CookieNut-NougatRaspberry-YoghurtStracciatellaStrawberryVanilla CinnamonVanilla-Cookie

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4250507104183 - Banana
4250507104190 - Banana-Chocolate-Split
4250507104169 - Caramel-Toffee
4250507104145 - Chocolate
4250507104176 - Chocolate-Coconut
4250507104220 - Chocolate-Cookie
4250507104152 - Nut-Nougat
4250507104206 - Strawberry
4250507104121 - Vanilla-Cookie
4250507103483 - Raspberry-Yoghurt
4250507103476 - Stracciatella
4250507103957 - Cherry
4250507104213 - Apple-Cinnamon
4250507104114 - Vanilla Cinnamon



VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 90g

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Until now, athletes who swear by high-value proteins have frequently had to do without good taste. Retailers have only stocked the types containing aromas in a few different flavours. It is sometimes also impossible to stock more than just one type at a time.

My Supps My Flavouring System contain a selection of up to 13 different flavours - they can be combined to form the protein product that best suits the personal goals.

My Supps My Flavouring System is practically limitless in the variety of tastes it offers. And if some prefer to stick with the same flavour, it is easy to hold on to the flavour even when changing proteins.

The addition of high-value proteins can help strength athletes build muscle and preserve existing muscle mass. This is why many bodybuilders tend to use protein shakes as a dietary supplement, taken shortly before or after training. Additionally, high-value protein can, in the right dose, help prevent bone degradation.

Given that not every protein source is equally suitable for any athlete, manufacturers of dietary supplements offer a true wealth of different products. Their ingredients may be taken from egg, whey, milk or soy. These combinations of different proteins are more or less suitable, depending on the athlete´s goals.

In some cases it may be good to use a pre-packed mixture, taken every day; in other cases it is preferable to rely on a certain sequence of proteins, aligned as part of the training plan.

Now, instead of purchasing protein products with their prefab aromas and taking the different flavours to suit the training plan, athletes are able to use My Supps My Flavouring System to independently select different proteins and flavourings every day.

Which products can I combine sensibly with My Supps Flavouring System?
  1. With tasteless My Supps proteins to build and preserve muscles
  2. With BODY ATTACK Power Protein 90 neutral to supply the body with extensive amino acids and to support muscle growth
  3. With BODY ATTACK Extreme Whey Deluxe neutral to build and preserve muscles