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Amino Liquid

Liquid amino acids for rapid absorption

Due to their consistency the body is able to absorb liquid amino acids faster than tablets or capsules.

Furthermore the amino acids or protein hydrolysates such as Beef Amino Liquid are already broken down into peptides and free amino acids. There is hardly any work needed to digest them before absorption when consumed in a liquid form. They are immediately available to the body.

Amino acids are basic components of proteins. Proteins can help to build and maintain muscle mass. These protein building blocks are therefore taken preferably before, during and after training in order to supply the organism with valuable substances to help gain muscle.

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An increased supply of amino acids allows the body’s own hormone system to be stimulated, enabling the development of the body’s structure to be boosted and improved. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are the basis for physical and mental performance and for your health. The body uses amino acids which we consume to form the body’s own protein from which our muscles and our immune system are constructed. The body is unable to store amino acids and it relies on a continuous supply. This is why successful sportspeople should order amino acids to build up their muscles for training.