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Body Attack Balsamico Dressing - 320ml Body Attack

1x Body Attack Balsamico Dressing - 320ml

The Balsaminco Flavor Dressing by Body Attack gives fresh salads an Italian touch and hardly any calories. Body Attack Balsamico Dressing - 320ml
Euro New InStock 2020-05-28
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Body Attack

Balsamico Dressing 320ml

Body Attack Balsamico Dressing - 320ml
SHAKE BEFORE USE! After removing the seal, screw the fasteners back on as tightly as possible.

  • Low calorie
  • 0% fat and sugar
  • Suitable for vegans

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Product information

Body Attack has developed a sugar-free variant of the Italian dressing classic balsamic. This dressing is not only strong in taste , but provides only 1 kcal per serving (10 ml). This mainly results from the low proportion of carbohydrates (0.2 g per 10 ml). It goes perfectly with mixed summer salads and tomato-mozzarella combinations.


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