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Body Attack Vision - Outlook for next year

Body Attack Future Body Attack Future

There was a lot in there in our blog stories from 25 years of Body Attack. Starting with the product cornerstones to other innovative nutritional supplements, internal insights and the bodybuilding lifestyle that we helped shape as a brand. Before we get too melancholic, however, we are looking forward to the coming year strengthened (how could it be otherwise). What new highlights can you look forward to from our house in 2020? Which quality and core messages do we want to continue to convey, but also break new ground? Buckle up, fitness friends! Because together with Jan Budde it goes back to the future.

ISO Whey KuhWe start the Body Attack Flux Compensator and off we go! Did Jan Budde already have the power protein of the future ready with his trunk sales at the end of the 90s? Because in the coming first quarter, this will whirl with new improved flavors from your shaker. Did he already know where the young brand Body Attack would lead? Through Germany-wide Premium Stores and distribution into the wider world? That remains his secret alone ;-)

Abroad is a good keyword, at least for the outlook for the coming year (completely without time machine and flux compensator). Our brand supplements are currently available in dealerships in a total of 43 countries around the world. Choc’N Dip with sweet and sour sauce in Asia? Well, we still have to work on the new creation, but the export of this year´s product highlights and other supps should be pushed ahead, especially in China. Bruce Lee would have loved it.

Driving ecological thinking

We are thrilled with our ISO Whey . Since this year, it has been awarded a seal for Irish pasture milk made from 100% grass-fed cattle. The juicy and nutrient-rich feed and the sufficient run-out influence the nutrient quality of the milk and that of our protein powder. The ecological idea is continued with the organic range of the JabuVit range . The number of organic products should be increased in the coming calendar year. Look forward to organic peanut butter and more!
BecherSustainability is within our grasp and will play an even bigger role in our company in 2020. In our premium stores and also in fitness studios you can get your creamy protein shake in our Shake to Go mug made from organic corn glue. We are working flat out on our plastic-protein cans in order to find an environmentally friendly solution for this as well and have become aware of the recyclate initiative to use effective recycling for us here too. Shipping, ie transport, is also "greener” - in the truest sense of the word. Body Attack products are increasingly to be delivered to your home as part of the DHL environmental protection program GoGreen.
Offering an attractive and high-quality product range, as well as further expanding organic and sustainability in favor of the environment: Future topics for which Jan Budde and Body Attack will go new, better ways not only in the coming year, but also in the next 25 years of company history. And nutritional supplements with the seal of quality "Made in Germany" will continue to support you in your personal sports and fitness goals.
"Our heart beats at the pulse of time. That is why we live from innovative products and various actors with whom we work. Our goal is to best tailor our products to the interests of everyone involved while always meeting our quality standards. ”Jan Budde, CEO and owner of Body Attack. For the next 25 years!