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Sportswear for men

In order to always get the best out of your training, a basic stock of high-quality Sportswear is important. We offer a great range of sportswear for men – functional, effective and stylish. You can put your perfect sport outfit together in the Body Attack shop now!

Sportswear for men

Hard, harder, most fashionable. For active, training-inspired men, who are focused on a sporty lifestyle, Body Attack has exactly the right thing. From bang-up-to-date training wear, to matching accessories, such as caps, there is everything the masculine sportsman’s heart desires.

The fact that men can be comfortable and still look good is made possible by Body Attack Sportswear. An absolute hit are the cosy hoodies. The soft fabric ensures warmth and optimum resilience. The technically-created water resistance ensures comprehensive all-weather protection. Surely every man needs his favourite hoodie?

In addition to the fashion factor, Body Attack places particular emphasis on the functionality of their sportswear. Thus, breathable materials and special perspiration transport systems ensure the best possible quality and make every training session a pleasure.