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Sensational results: Here is how BetaTOR® works!

What is BetaTOR®?

It goes without saying: anyone looking to achieve ideal training results should rely on the unbeatable threesome of a good diet, a hard training programme and effective nutritional supplements.

The brand name BetaTOR® describes the pure, free acid form of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. Scientists have done a lot of research in this free form.

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate is a metabolic product of the essential amino acid L-Leucine – which means: the body converts Leucine into beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. BetaTOR® is a convenient and ideal form of replenishing the body´s stocks of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate if it doesn´t receive sufficient Leucine as part of the daily diet.

In.. BetaTOR®, we now have an innovative ingredient that is very popular with athlete in combination of a targeted training programme and a optimised diet.

BetaTOR® contains the pure, free acid form of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. Since it is the free form of the well-known Calcium-beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat there are substantial differences. Beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat is a metabolic product of the essential amino acid L-Leucine – this means: the body metabolises Leucine in beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat. If the body doesn´t get enough beta-Hydroxy-beta-methybutyrat via Leucine, with BetaTOR® you can supply it very easy.

BetaTOR® in Licaps

For the fastest absorption, maximum bio-availability and ideal protection of the active ingredient: BetaTOR® by Body Attack is exclusively available in Licaps®, a spectacular technological innovation in the field of capsule supplements.

What are Licaps®?

The Licaps® technology was developed to enable secure delivery of liquid ingredients like BetaTOR® in a sealed capsule form. The ingredient is enclosed in hard gelatine capsules – without any chemical or thermal treatment.

For noticeable effects, turbo speed!

Compared with products in a tablet form or powder capsules, Licaps® enable a much faster absorption. And here are the reasons:
Licaps® - to increase the product safety of BetaTOR®

Licaps® seal liquids in capsules to prevent the contents leaking and to protect the ingredients against moisture and oxidation. This is a patented technology known as LEMS™ (Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing). The entire procedure takes place exclusively in a nitrogen atmosphere. This means that the Licaps® contain a nitrogen bubble that maximises protection of the active ingredient..

Vegan Licaps® are made out of plant fibers

The capsule coat normally consists of animal gelatin. The Licaps® that are used for BetaTOR® are made out of plant fibers (cellulose) instead. Thus, the product is perfectly suited for vegan or vegetarian nutrition.