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Sensational results: Here is how BetaTOR® works!

In BetaTOR®, we now have a revolutionary ingredient that can produce sensational results with the ideal combination of a targeted training programme and good diet.

This is proven in an independent, twelve-week clinical study on BetaTOR®, conducted by the University of Tampa (USA, Florida) on two groups of athletes. Here, one test group was given BetaTOR® – while the other test group received a placebo. Naturally, these results cannot be translated directly to everyone, as individual results will inevitably be subject to certain>
*Original-Studie: The effects of 12 weeks of beta?hydroxy?beta?methylbutyrate free acid supplementation

1. BetaTOR® for immense growth in lean muscle mass

The athletes that used BetaTOR® during the twelve-week clinical study on BetaTOR® were able to build a sensational 7 kg of additional lean muscle mass. In comparison: The placebo group only succeeded in boosting their lean muscle mass by 2 kg. This means that BetaTOR® can help gain 250 % more muscle mass.

2. BetaTOR® for significantly more maximum strength

The twelve-week BetaTOR® study demonstrates: Maximum strength tests involving bench presses, dead lifts and squats showed that the athletes in the BetaTOR® test group became much stronger. They were able to increase their combined strength by 77.1 kg. In contrast, the placebo group merely achieved an additional 25.3 kg. This means that the BetaTOR® athletes became over 200 % stronger than the placebo test group.

3. BetaTOR® for unbeatable fat burning

In just 12 weeks of taking BetaTOR®, the test persons succeeded in losing 5.4 kg of body fat. The athletes that were given a placebo only managed to burn 1.7 kg of body fat. This means that BetaTOR® optimises fat burning by an unparalleled 210%.

4. BetaTOR® for significantly faster regeneration

One thing is clear: Intense, hard training sessions damage muscle fibres. BetaTOR® can help reduce muscular damage – and significantly speed up regeneration.