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#Ihavetogiveashit Thoughts about the turn of the year

Ziele setzen statt gute Vorsätze  Ziele setzen statt gute Vorsätze

Good intentions are booming at the turn of the year. It´s frustrating. Are such resolutions doomed to fail from the start? Will everything really get better next year? New year, new me? Come on ...!

The days between the years are a special time. A time to put things in order. A time when you look to the future, dream a little - and make good resolutions. At least, that´s what Instagram and Co convey to me: I´ve been bombarded with idealistic resolutions for days, true to the motto: New Year, New Me.

However, good resolutions never work. Never! I will surely get approval from the large chorus of frustrated resolutions failing. Of people who, like me, have always tried to do more sports, eat healthier or - the classic - to stop smoking.

Good resolutions are quickly made. And just as quickly forget. We give up halfway there. Oh what, after 50 meters. Exactly when it gets tiring or annoying. Why is that?

Are good intentions doomed to fail?

I read somewhere that resolutions fail because they are not binding. Honestly, what happens if I don´t manage to lose five kilos or run the marathon this year? Right. Nothing.

Maybe we should set goals instead of good intentions . Goals that are specific, measurable and realistic. And preferably with a deadline. A fixed date on which this goal should be achieved.

Goals can be better implemented if there is a plan and positive effects are in store. Such a plan should be challenging, but doable. It should be worded positively. And the most important thing: It must be your own wish.

If I don´t want to run the half marathon in April out of deep conviction, I can leave it the same. I have to torture myself, for myself and my goal. In fact, I don´t have to prove anything to anyone - except maybe myself. So I don´t need good resolutions. What I need is a goal - with a realistic plan .

Set yourself positive goals! Make plans!

And that´s exactly what I´m promoting: Set yourself positive goals! Make plans! Otherwise, lost kilos are quickly back on track, the marathon has not run, the attic is more chaotic than ever. Believe me, I know what I´m talking about.

And don´t despair if it doesn´t work. Strictly speaking, there are at least 365 opportunities every year to transform your life. Every day is just as suitable as New Year´s or New Year´s. It is important that you are true to yourself - and of course to us!

In this sense: # a shit must!

To a great year 2020! Nice that you are here!

Your Body Attack Team