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Body Attack Power Mineral Drink - 1L Body Attack

1x Body Attack Power Mineral Drink - 1L

Refreshing Power Mineral Drink with many vitamins. Body Attack Power Mineral Drink - 1L
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Body Attack

Power Mineral Drink 1L

Body Attack Power Mineral Drink - 1L
  • Power Mineral Drink
  • vitamins
  • refreshing

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Refreshing Power Mineral Drink with many vitamins.

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Packing size: 1L

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The Body Attack Mineral Drink is perfectly suited to compensate the loss of minerals and vitamins which can occur during sporting activity.

Body Attack?s Power Mineral drink refreshes you and is a delicious thirst quencher!

Many new flavours like Wild Cherry with L-Carnitin and caffeine!
Ratio 1:50 - 1 Litre of concentrate makes 50 litres of the prepared drink.

Ingredients of the concentrate: invert sugar syrup, water, acid (citric acid), flavoring, potassium chloride (1.6%), sweeteners (sodium cyclamate, saccharin sodium), calcium chloride (1.2%), magnesium hydroxide (0 , 7%), sodium chloride (0.6%), vitamin mixture (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin B12), dye tartrazine, patent blue V (for flavor type Woodruff, green apple), dye Allura Red, orange and yellow (for flavor type blood orange), Riboflavin (for flavor type grapefruit), elderberry juice extract (for flavor type raspberry), dye tartrazine (for flavor type of lemon), coloring E110 (for flavor type mango), color extract, tartrazine, riboflavin (for flavor type Mexico Fig), dye tartrazine, orange-yellow (for flavor type multi-vitamin), safflower extract, Aronia juice concentrate, elderberry juice extract (for flavor type peach), safflower extract, elderberry juice extract, colorant E110 (for flavor type mango), Dye, malt extract, Allura Red (with cherry flavor type), color extract, Allura Red, Patenbalu V (for flavor type black. currant)

Aroma types of mango and green apple severely lactose (31.20 mg Mango, Green Apple lactose 20.78 mg / 100 ml prepared drink)

Average nutritional values per drink (6 ml concentrate in 300 ml water)RDA
Energy80 kJ / 19 kcal
Protein< 0,1 g
Carbohydrates4,07 g
Fat< 0,1 g 
Vitamin E1,5 mg15 % RDA*
Vitamin B10,21 mg15 % RDA*
Vitamin B22,7 mg15 % RDA*
Niacin2,7 mg15 % RDA*
Pantothenic acid0,9 mg15 % RDA*
Vitamin B60,3 mg15 % RDA*
Vitamin B120,15 ?g15 % RDA*
Folic acid30 ?g15 % RDA*
Vitamin C9,0 mg15 % RDA*
Sodium30 mg
Potassium65 mg
Calcium24 mg50 % RDA*
Magnesium11 mg61 % RDA*
Chloride135 mg

* RDA = recommended daily allowance

Directions: To prepare: Approx. 6 ml Power Mineral drink concentrate (2 pump shots from a dispenser) filled up to 300 ml with cold water.

Recommended dosage: 3-4 portions of 300 ml per day according to the level of physical strain.