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Sinob Core Instant Rice Pudding - 3 kg Sinob

1x Sinob Core Instant Rice Pudding - 3 kg

The Sinob Core Instant Rice Pudding is the ideal source of energy for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Sinob Core Instant Rice Pudding - 3 kg
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Core Instant Rice Pudding 3 kg

Sinob Core Instant Rice Pudding - 3 kg
  • 100% instant rice pudding according to a special manufacturing process
  • 100% hydrothermally broken down starch for optimal digestibility
  • ideal as a low-fat snack

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Product information

Now a rice pudding to get your spirits up! Done quickly and ready at any time! How it works? With Sinobüs new Core Instant Rice Pudding! The instant powder gives you an excellent pre- or post-workout snack in minutes! Simply pour a portion with cold, warm or hot liquid and enjoy. Your creamy snack is free of additives and absolutely gluten-free. Time for porridge, rice pudding or semolina porridge - whenever you want!


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