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Body Attack 100% Casein Protein - Sample 15g Body Attack

1x Body Attack 100% Casein Protein - Sample 15g

Calcium casein and micellar casein make the 100 % Casein Protein into the slowly digestible helper during your recovery phases. Low fat and sugar reduced. Body Attack 100% Casein Protein - Sample 15g
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Body Attack

100% Casein Protein Sample 15g

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  • Two types of casein for best supply
  • 91 % protein content
  • Casein protein

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Product information

Do you want to supply your body with important protein for a long time during your recovery periods? Yes, you can - with casein, the most enduring protein there is! The protein extracted from milk is digested rather slowly by the human body and is therefore ideal as a post-workout shake for the long day or directly before going to bed. No fear of overnight fat deposits: the 100 % Casein Protein is low in fat, reduced in sugar and free of aspartame. Before you go to bed, take a casein shake and your muscles slumber in the land of growth dreams.


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