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Multi-Component Protein

Protein shakes and protein concentrates

Proteins are important for the human organism. This is because proteins contribute to muscle growth and to the preservation of normal bones. We need to take sufficient quantities of protein in our daily nutrition. Protein supplements in the form of protein shakes represent an alternative to protein-rich foods such as fish, meat or cheese. In addition to milk protein and whey protein Body Attack offers so-called multicomponent proteins.

Multicomponent proteins consist of several different protein sources. This is why the multicomponent proteins are known as the all-rounders among the protein powders. They bring together all the benefits of the different protein sources in just one product.

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What is a multi-component protein?

As the name of the multicomponent protein suggests, this is a product that comprises several sources of protein. Multi-component protein is the most diverse of the protein concentrates on the market and predominantly has a very high biological value. The idea behind it is to supplement the various effects of the different protein components in such a way as to maximise muscle growth. With multicomponent proteins the amino acid level in the body only reaches its highest level after around 3 - 4 hours and remains at a relatively even level over a longer period This means the body´s protein breakdown rate is very low.

What makes up multicomponent protein?

High quality multicomponent protein usually consists of the following components: Three or four sources are usually mixed into one product to increase the biological value of the multicomponent protein. The biological value refers to the amount of a protein that the human body can use. The higher this is, the better the body is able to absorb and use the protein. The combination improves the biological value because the individual protein components have a different amino acid profile. In addition to whey, milk and egg protein, soy protein and soy isolate are also sometimes used as components.

Features of multicomponent protein

As the name suggests, a multicomponent protein consists of several different protein sources. It is also known as the all-rounder of protein powders, because it combines all the advantages of the different protein sources. Multi-component proteins are used by many amateurs and by top athletes, to supply the body with sufficient protein and amino acids. Multi-component proteins have a high biological value and mainly have a very good amino acid balance due to their different protein sources.

They are digested by the body rather slowly compared to the quickly available whey protein, which means they also make an ideal meal replacement. If you´re on the go a lot and have no time to eat, then a multicomponent shake is a great alternative to ensure a supply of protein and amino acids over an extended period. Multi-component proteins usually contain 3-7 different protein sources, which are both quick and slow to digest.

The most popular sources of multicomponent proteins

Whey protein isolate
Whey protein isolate is filtered several times during production, which makes it one the highest quality proteins with a protein content of over 90 %. Whey protein isolate is one of the fast-digesting proteins and, thus, is available to the body as quickly as possible.

Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein concentrate has similar properties to whey isolate. It is fast-acting and rich in BCAAs. The protein content of whey protein concentrate is around 80 % and is, thus, somewhat lower than that of the isolate. This is noticeable in the quality but also in the price. Many products are combinations of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

Soy protein
Soy protein, despite is vegetable origins, is a really high quality protein with a high protein content. It is obtained from soybeans and is a great alternative to animal protein thanks to its excellent properties. Vegetarians especially like to take soy protein. It is also contains no lactose and, as a result, is frequently used by people with lactose intolerance.

Egg protein
Egg protein is also known under the name egg albumin. The particular advantage of egg protein is that it is low in fat and carbohydrates.. This is why bodybuilders and weightlifters like to use egg protein during a diet. Egg protein is digested so quickly compared to whey protein and has a protein content of approx. 80 %.

Casein protein
Casein protein, also called milk protein, is obtained during cheese production. It is popular in diet phases or as a night-time protein because it digests so slowly. It provides an optimum supply of amino acids over several hours due to this slow absorption into the body. It is also popular as a meal replacement due to its long satiation effect.