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Body Attack Diet Shake Vegan - 430g Body Attack

1x Body Attack Diet Shake Vegan - 430g

The Diet Shake Vegan from Body Attack contains the perfect nutrient matrix to lose weight effectively. High quality plant-based protein sources, Carnipure™ and more. Body Attack Diet Shake Vegan - 430g
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Body Attack

Diet Shake Vegan 430g

Body Attack Diet Shake Vegan - 430g
  • Meal replacement for a figure-conscious & vegan diet
  • High quality herbal protein sources
  • With Carnipure™ for the fat metabolism

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Product information

Plant power! You want to lose weight quickly and shed the pounds? Join us in the fight against the superfluous pounds - shaken, not stirred. May we introduce: The Diet Shake Vegan. In line with a balanced diet, it is the perfect dietary supplement to effectively reduce weight and lose pounds. High-quality vegetable protein, rich vitamins, minerals and L-Carnitine provide your ideal solution. Simple and quick to prepare. Seven different flavours are waiting for you in powder form - ready prepared as a creamy vegan milkshake. That´ the way to lose weight with pleasure - Yummi!


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