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Body Attack

Zinc FEM 30 Caps

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Body Attack Zinc FEM - 30 Caps
  • 25 mg zinc
  • With vitamins B6 & C
  • Supplies you with biotin

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Body Attack Zinc FEM - 30 Caps

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 30 Caps

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 2x 30 (= 60) day(s).

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Body Attack Zinc FEM – The ultimate nutrient for your hair, skin and nails
Body Attack Zinc FEM is a mineral product with high doses of zinc and selected vitamins, developed specially for women, who place great value in well-tended hair, skin and nails.

And in particular for women, who only rarely integrate meat, fish, seafood, legumes and eggs in their daily diet. Zinc from food of animal origins can be absorbed by the body more easily than from plant-based foods. This is why women, who mainly eat plant-based foods, should include more vitamin C–rich foodstuffs in their daily diet. However, it is easy to lose sight of this in your everyday life, Body Attack Zinc FEM also includes high doses of vitamin C apart from zinc. This can be taken with meals and will improve your absorption of iron.

Zinc for a normal acid-base balance
The zinc in Body Attack Zinc FEM is not only a supplement during a fat-loss-training phase, where it will stimulate your normal fat metabolism and the formation of protein, but it also promotes a normal acid-base balance. A wrong diet, lots of sport or even stress may cause an acid-base imbalance. Hyperacidity is known to impede your complexion and the metabolism of your bones, hair and nails. This is why you should integrate zinc-rich foods in your daily diet, as the mineral zinc helps to strike the right balance between acids and bases. In turn, this spares other minerals like alkaline substances which support certain functions in the body and are also essential for the quality of your hair, skin and nails.

Zinc and vitamin C for a normal collagen formation
The mineral zinc and vitamin C are known to be essential for a normal collagen formation as well as for maintaining healthy hair, skin, nails and bones.

LIPO 100 FEM is 100 % vegan

LIPO 100 FEM only consists of carefully selected ingredients and is manufactured entirely without the use of animal raw materials. The innovative fat burner uses plant fibres (cellulose) for its capsule shell instead of the more usual animal gelatine.

Body Attack Zinc FEM – For your beauty and a firm connective and muscle tissue
Zinc FEM by Body Attack additionally supplies the body with the vitamins B6 and biotin for supplementing your daily diet as these, too, are key components for the skin, hair, gums and teeth. Body Attack FEM not only supplies you with 25 mg of highly dosed zinc per capsule for supplementing your daily diet, but also provides a high doses of vitamin C (300 mg), vitamin B6 (1.4 mg) and biotin (50 µg). The reason for this is that vitamin C supports the resorption of zinc and iron, because women have an increased need for iron due to their menstruation. However, if they maintain a mainly plant-based diet, the absorption of iron and zinc will be impeded without vitamin C. Women, who are often under stress, smoke, take medicinal drugs or are physically very active also have an increased need of water-soluble vitamin C. A vitamin C deficiency as well as a zinc deficit on the other hand, impede the normal collagen formation of the skin, cartilage, gums, teeth and bones. As women often try out different diets in an attempt to lose surplus weight, they not only feed their body with less calories, but also with a reduced intake of zinc, vitamins B6, C and biotin.

A deficiency may then in turn impede the fat catabolism and muscle growth. This is why a sufficient supply of vitamin B6 and zinc is essential for a high protein consumption of up to 2 g per kg body weight. Both are involved in the normal protein metabolism and formation. This means that a sufficient supply of proteins, vitamin B6 and zinc can support diet and training programs for firm and toned connective tissue and muscles.
Apart form that, zinc is responsible for the normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism, whereby iron promotes the transportation of oxygen thus improving the conversion of nutrients such as fats into energy. Biotin and vitamin B 6 support the normal protein and energy metabolism. This is why Body Attack Zinc FEM with its selected vitamins is ideally suited for fat loss and muscle growth, whereby a sufficient intake of protein and regular exercise are also essential. At the same time, Body Attack Zinc FEM supports the beauty factor by supplying essential building blocks for your metabolism and the maintenance of your natural hair, skin and nails with your daily diet.